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    True North Recovery Services New
    Located just north of San Diego, CA True North Recovery Services is a full-service rehabilitation center and offers intensive outpatient programs for alcohol and substance abuse. Groups focus on relapse prevention, family issues, education, and processing communication and relationship issues. They use a 12-step based program with current, evidence-based treatments for addictions such as motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy. - 8-May-2019 - Hits: 3 - Rate This | Details
    A New Start
    The focus of A New Start is to create a community of recovery that is loving, healing, and inspiring so their residents can move forward in their journey to achieve emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. At their Culver City, CA facility A New Start strives to accomplish this through a combination of advanced clinical services and holistic treatments provided in a safe place to heal where every resident becomes a member of the recovery family.

    They utilize a three-pronged approach to recovery that is comprised of Therapy, Neural Recovery, and Twelve-Step Programming. This process is intended to thoroughly address the underpinnings of addictive and/or compulsive tendencies, in order to give you the best treatment possible. - 23-Nov-2016 - Hits: 201 - Rate This | Details
    Acadia Vermilion
    Vermilion Behavioral Health Center is located in Lafayette, LA. They are accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed by the State of Louisiana. They serve adolescents, adults, geriatrics and members of the military suffering from mental illness, chemical dependency, and co-occurring disorders. - 12-Sep-2014 - Hits: 428 - Rate This | Details
    Acadiana Addiction Center
    Acadiana Addiction Center began in 2004 and is located in Lafayette, LA. Acadiana provides a peaceful environment for residential treatment which includes a unique involvement of the patient's family. They offer a weekly group meeting to family members, as well as a three-day family group the week prior to the patient's graduation, to help the patient maintain their new lifestyle in recovery. - 20-Nov-2013 - Hits: 394 - Rate This | Details
    Addiction Recovery Consulting Services
    ARCS is an independent consulting service based in the San Fransisco Bay Area of California. They aim to treat addictive disease through systemic intervention and services such as assessment/evaluation, escort to treatment, business and family consulting, family workshops, tracking through treatment and follow-up, after treatment transition and referral resources. - 23-Mar-2009 - Hits: 410 - Rate This | Details
    Adolescent Growth
    Adolescent Growth offers JCAHO Accredited treatment facilities for teens including specialized tracks for Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Disorders. Their approach emphasizes a holistic treatment program individualized to meet the needs of each client as well as collaborative treatment that involves the parent or guardian every step of the way.

    Please visit online for more information about where these services are available. Facility locations are not readily available to help protect the privacy and ensure the safety of residents. - 23-Aug-2016 - Hits: 328 - Rate This | Details
    Adolescent Treatment at Newport Academy
    Newport Academy is a gender-specific, comprehensive treatment program for adolescents suffering from mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues. The program combines the key elements essential in effectively treating adolescent girls and boys with substance abuse and other mental health disorders. Multiple locations within the US. Free, private consultations available. - 27-May-2011 - Hits: 767 - Rate This | Details
    Advanced Recovery Systems
    Advanced Recovery Systems puts behavioral health front and center, providing assistance to people with substance abuse issues, addictions, eating disorders, and mental health concerns. Their services emphasize a three-pronged approach of therapeutic learning, cognitive-based healing and medication assistance and their program offers a variety of treatment levels to best suit each patient's individual needs. They have multiple facilities located in Colorado and Florida. - 10-May-2016 - Hits: 330 - Rate This | Details
    AJ's Amethyst House
    At AJ's Amethyst House, clients receive residential treatment in a safe, distraction-free environment tailored to the needs of women. Their evidence-based program is built upon spiritual principles and a 12-Step, 12-Traditions recovery model. Services include medical detox through aftercare planning. Their facility is located in San Jacinto, CA. - 3-Mar-2016 - Hits: 297 - Rate This | Details
    Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center
    Allegiance Addiction Recovery Center in Vernal, UT offers an addiction recovery program that utilizes an array of specialized therapies such as individual, family, and group therapy, trauma group therapy, the Traditional 12-steps, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), art & recreational therapy, exercise, meditation, and yoga. - 2-Dec-2015 - Hits: 282 - Rate This | Details
    Alo House Recovery Centers
    Alo House is a DHCS and Joint Commission accredited facility in Malibu,CA that offers an alternative to traditional drug & alcohol treatment. They are a community based long-term recovery center offering residential, detox, outpatient and transitional living and programs that utilize holistic and non-12 step practices.

    Their program draws inspiration from Carl Rogers' Client-Centered Therapy and features treatment modalities such as CBT, motivational therapy, existential psychotherapy and more. - 22-Nov-2016 - Hits: 231 - Rate This | Details
    Alpine Recovery Lodge
    Alpine Recovery Lodge is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Alpine, UT. They offer a four-level inpatient treatment program customized to each patient's unique needs, including co-occurring mental illness, utilizing activities and a wide-range of evidence-based therapies. - 6-Aug-2014 - Hits: 360 - Rate This | Details
    Alta Mira Recovery
    Alta Mira Recovery is a discrete, private drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. They treat alcohol addiction, drug addiction, opiate addiction, prescription drug abuse, chronic relapse, and co-occuring disorders. They provide a variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, including detoxification and faith-based options. Located in Sausalito, CA. - 27-May-2011 - Hits: 288 - Rate This | Details
    Asana Recovery
    Asana Recovery is an intimate alcohol and drug recovery program located in Costa Mesa, CA just a couple miles from the Orange County coastline. The program is state licensed and nationally accredited for medical detoxification and inpatient substance abuse treatment. Their program focuses on providing personalized and comprehensive treatment plans for both men and women in recovery, and embodies a forward-thinking approach to the treatment of addiction, pairing traditional and alternative methods. - 26-Feb-2019 - Hits: 24 - Rate This | Details
    Asheville Recovery Center
    The Asheville Recovery Center of Asheville, NC believes modern addiction treatment is lacking the intimate, compassionate nature that makes recovery possible. Rather than taking the time to focus on individual patient's backgrounds, needs, and goals, facilities are letting clients slip through the cracks.

    The Asheville Recovery Center was founded to address this need for effective treatment in an intimate, supportive environment, and to bridge the gap between evidence-based therapeutic practice and spiritual and emotional care. The result is a program that aims to care for the whole individual: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually in a real-world environment that also provides accountability, safety, a good dose of tough love, and a tight-knit, family setting and provide treatment that's backed up by evidence and results without ever sacrificing the intimacy necessary to truly connect with their clients. - 13-Sep-2017 - Hits: 110 - Rate This | Details
    Ask Audrey Now!
    Audrey Hope of Ask Audrey Now! offers Los-Angeles, CA based addiction counseling whose process, "takes one beyond the rational limited concepts of the mind, the five senses and the boundaries of traditional therapy into the deeper soul where true healing takes place." - 30-Nov-2015 - Hits: 367 - Rate This | Details
    Assistance In Recovery
    Assistance In Recovery is a U.S.-based provider of intervention services aimed at helping people overcome a variety of addictions in areas such as mental health, drug abuse, gambling, alcohol, and eating disorders. Located in St. Paul, MN. - 19-Feb-2015 - Hits: 312 - Rate This | Details
    Balboa Horizons
    Located in scenic Orange County, CA, Balboa Horizons offers a full continuum of addiction recovery programs for men and women. They specialize in the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction along with co-occuring mental health conditions. Programs are designed with the end goal in mind - providing a customized treatment process that fosters maximum progress and growth. - 27-Feb-2019 - Hits: 23 - Rate This | Details
    Banyan Treatment Center
    Banyan Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol center located in Pompano Beach, FL. They offer 12-step based treatment program that includes all levels of treatment, from detox to outpatient as well as treatment plans that are tailored to the individual needs of each client. - 26-Oct-2014 - Hits: 287 - Rate This | Details
    Beachway Therapy Center
    Beachway Therapy Center is located in Delray Beach, FL. They offer individualized treatment incorporating a multi-faceted approach including individual and group therapy, family therapy, 12-step meetings, recovery groups, psychiatric care, spirituality groups, addiction education and relapse prevention. - 6-Dec-2010 - Hits: 365 - Rate This | Details
    Behavioral Services
    The Behavioral Services Center is a fully licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment facility for adults and adolescents. The agency has three locations within the state of Illinois: Skokie (primary) and two secondary locations (Bensenville and Libertyville). - 25-Dec-2010 - Hits: 328 - Rate This | Details
    Behavioral Wellness and Recovery
    Behavioral Wellness and Recovery is a residential-inpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment center serving the area of West Chester, Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA. Their mission is to provide in-depth, multi-faceted substance abuse and mental health treatment for men and women ages 18 and up.

    They offer a mixture of conventional and non-conventional modalities of treatment, such as substance abuse counseling, psychiatric and medical care, and recreation and music therapy. - 23-Jun-2017 - Hits: 165 - Rate This | Details
    Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center
    Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center is a residential substance abuse treatment center located in Ball Ground, GA. They use science-based medical and clinical programs to help their clients begin the journey to recovery. Services offered include individual, small group and family-inclusive treatment that also address co-morbid issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma and bipolar disorder. - 23-Oct-2013 - Hits: 249 - Rate This | Details
    Bluff Plantation
    Bluff Plantation is a leading addiction treatment provider in Georgia for drug and alcohol addiction, prescription drug abuse, and other co-occurring disorders. Many of their therapeutic activities at their Augusta, GA treatment centers, are held outside, in serene settings that make the most of the healing properties of nature.

    In addition to clinical treatments such as cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy, Bluff Plantation fully immerses patients in the recovery process through experiential therapies that involve all of the senses. Equine therapy, art therapy, gardening, yoga and movement therapy offer alternative methods of self-expression and communication. - 22-Dec-2018 - Hits: 29 - Rate This | Details
    Boca Detox Center
    Boca Detox of Boca Raton, FL offers treatment programs that are geared towards both your physical and mental recovery, in order to ensure that they address the root cause of the addiction and provide each individual with the tools to prevent relapse. - 2-Aug-2017 - Hits: 95 - Rate This | Details
    BRC Recovery
    BRC Recovery of Manor, TX is an addiction treatment center specializing in treatment for chronic relapsers. They offer gender-specific facilities and programs with a focus on extended-care and holistic healing. - 1-Mar-2018 - Hits: 89 - Rate This | Details
    Bridge House
    Bridge House is a non-profit, alcoholism and drug addiction treatment center. Located in New Orleans, LA they provide gender specific treatment as well as long-term residential services. - 23-Mar-2004 - Hits: 533 - Rate This | Details