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    Moderate Drinking
    The Moderation Management Guide for People Who Want to Reduce Their Drinking
    by Audrey Kishline with an introduction by Dr. Stanton Peele

    Moderate Drinking
    "The official handbook of Moderation Management, a non-profit, national self-help program that supports moderate drinking as a reasonable and attainable recovery goal for problem drinkers. Based on her own unsatisfactory experience with abstinence-based programs, Kishline offers inspiration and a step-by-step program to help individuals avoid the kind of drinking that detrimentally affects their lives."

    The author, who is also the founder and president of Moderation Management, describes a program for those who can't or won't abstain from alcohol. Believing that there is a continuum of drinking problems and behaviors, the moderate drinking plan allows a person to learn to control their drinking behaviors through a 9-step process.

    Interestingly enough, the author was involved in an automobile accident in mid-2000, which resulted in two people's deaths. She pleaded guilty in June, 2000 to two counts of vehicular homicide. After the hearing, she gave a brief statement and answered questions from reporters, saying her moderate-drinking program had been nothing but a way for her to deny her problem drinking. - 4-May-2000 - Hits: 560 - Rate This | Details