Use this brief screening measure to help you determine if you might need to see a mental health or other professional to help you successfully deal with being a geek.


Instructions: This is a screening measure to help you determine whether you might be a geek (aka “nerd”). This screening measure is not designed to make a diagnosis or take the place of a professional diagnosis or consultation. For each item, indicate the extent to which it is true, by checking the appropriate box next to the item.


I am a year old / /

1. Who founded Apple?

2. Which Apple founder was the geek?

3. My favorite magazine is:

4. I get a comp subscription to my favorite magazine.

5. I get into (online) arguments about perl versus PHP.

6. I pre-ordered Half Life 2 or downloaded it as soon as it was available from Verve.

7. I eat my first meal of the day before 1:00 pm.

8. Red pill or blue pill?

9. I understand the red pill/blue pill reference.

10. I access the Internet primarily via:

11. I wear or regularly carry this many mobile/data/MP3 devices:

12. My primary computer screen is this large:

13. The last time I went on vacation was…

14. I love and watch anime.

15. In the office or at school, I socialize by…

16. My favorite operating system is…

17. I have used Google to search for pornographic (boobies!) images.

18. Fark.



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