Therapists have been at greater risk for burnout well before the global pandemic started. And now, the pandemic has had therapists navigating issues like:

  • Transitioning to telehealth over a weekend
  • Trying to find PPE and sanitizer for their offices
  • Managing clients’ frustrations with telehealth
  • Navigating what to do with clients who really need in-person work
  • Keeping their clients and family safe if/when they are still providing in-person services
  • Insurance company reimbursements being delayed or denied
  • Trying to get enough internet bandwidth for multiple people working or schooling from home
  • Trying to find a private place to provide therapy while everyone is home
  • Dogs, cats, and kids scratching at doors during clinical sessions
  • Managing the needs and fears of employers
  • Trying to navigate EIDL & PPP loan regulations that keep changing
  • Navigating leases, office spaces, and navigating the question of whether to stay or go

We could truly go on for an hour writing down all the things that therapists are navigating right now. It is a LOT. And, a lot of normal coping skills and self-care skills are not options. Of the things that are still options, some don’t have enough oomph to balance out the amount of stress you are under. It is like trying to tow a 2 TON truck with a piece of twine.

The good news is this- you can navigate what is happening without burning out. The hard news? You are going to have to make some changes in your life. The pandemic is not going away tomorrow, and odds are you can’t sustain what you’ve been doing, the way you’ve been doing it, for the next year (or two) until we get to the other side of this pandemic.

I know. I know. You are used to putting everyone else’s needs first and then when the crisis is over, attending to you. This isn’t like that. This is something new and sustained. You are experiencing an out-of-the-norm event (some might even call it a trauma) right alongside your clients. You need (and deserve) time to pause, reflect, reassess, and tweak (or radically change) your plan(s).

Now, more than ever, you need to take a retreat day (or three) to sit down and explore what is and is NOT working in your life and your private practice right now. You need to take a moment to get out of the reacting space and get into a responsive stage based on intentional plans. We get it, it feels impossible to plan when the rules feel like they are changing every day. But, it is possible. Your new plan won’t be perfect, but it will be better than the one you developed in the midst of a crisis.

You don’t have to spend a lot of (or any) money. You don’t have to get on a plane. You don’t need to wait until the pandemic is over.

So, here is the challenge. It is time to take a personal and/or business retreat. Find a safe day and space for you to be ALONE and really get some clarity.

Not sure what to do at the retreat? Here is a free retreat schedule for you to download. Looking for someone to guide you through the process? Join us at a LIVE Virtual Retreat on July 31st, 2020 (signups close on July 24th). Maybe you can set aside a little bit of time to read our free Business Owner Burnout Handbook as part of your retreat (or even right now).

Share in the comments below when you will take a day just for YOU. You need it. You deserve it. And your clients need you to do it.