Slow and Steady Telehealth ABA Growth

Telehealth ABA services, particularly telehealth (or remote) parent training for children with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities, has become more available in the 2000’s. It has slowly grown within the first and especially second decade of the 21st century.

Sudden Growth of Telehealth ABA Parent Training

With the coronavirus pandemic that arose in 2020, telehealth ABA services, especially telehealth ABA parent training, has rapidly become a popular and more highly recommended form of service for families as opposed to face-to-face sessions. This transition was made with the intention of protecting the health and safety of individuals, families, service providers, and the community and world at large.

Structuring Tele-ABA Parent Training

In this article, we’ll cover one example of what a telehealth ABA parent training session could look like. Although there is no ONE right way to structure a tele-ABA parent training session, this tentative plan may give you some inspiration for designing the session style that works best for you, as a service provider, and for the parents that you work with.

You may consider utilizing a structured parent training curriculum, such as the One-Year ABA Parent Training Curriculum, while also individualizing your services to the family.

You might also allow parents to direct the session topics and then provide them with research-supported guidance, handouts, and support.

Following is a sample format for how you may consider structuring your telehealth ABA parent training session.

Plan Date of Telehealth Services

First, plan the date and time of sessions with parents, such as having biweekly telehealth sessions.

Structure of the Telehealth Session

If you are planning to have 60 minute sessions with parents, consider the following agenda. If you prefer or, for funding reasons, you need to have longer or shorter sessions, just modify the amount of time spent on each activity.

  • 5 Minutes: Check-In (Pairing)
  • 15 Minutes: Follow-Up on Previous Homework Activity or More General Follow-Up on Progress (if no homework given)
  • 15 Minutes: Review today’s session topic, provide or reference parent handout if applicable
  • 10 Minutes: Complete Relevant Form, Data Sheet, and/or Note
  • 10 Minutes: Review homework assignment and/or recommendations
  • 5 Minutes: Close by summarizing today’s session; Inquiring about parent’s questions or feedback; Verify next session date/time

Sample Telehealth ABA Parent Training Agenda

This article presented you with just one example of how a telehealth ABA parent training session might look. You should always customize your services to the client you are serving, but this agenda provides a great framework for where to start as you work on improving the consistency and quality of your services.