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What's Recent

On Being A Conscious Single
An essay about the zen of being single in the new century. By Joel Rachelson, Ph.D.
Coming out of the Darkness: Caffeine Psychosis
This is a nonfictional account of an individual's life under the influence of caffeine. It provides many interesting details regarding the hazardous effects of caffeine. By Georgia Browne.

Feature Articles

Best Practices in e-therapy Series
Understand online therapy and counseling (e-therapy) by reading through this series of essays.

Review of Caught in the Net
Did Kimberly S. Young get it right in her new book on "Internet addiction?" A little bit.

Response to the HomeNet Study
So people who spend more time online are likely to become more lonely, depressed, and not communicate with their family? You wish.

Internet Addiction
A new article detailing the facts and information about this theorized disorder, from one of the leading online experts

Starting a New OnLine Support Group
Step-by-step instructions and information about how to go about creating new support groups on the Internet from scratch

FAQ of Life
Everything you wanted to know about mental health and disorders online

Response to the Stanford Internet Study
Thoughts and comments about this study, released February 16, 2000

Consumer Articles

Consumer Reports Readers Rate Psychotherapy
Martin E. P. Seligman answers questions regarding the validity of the recent Consumer Reports reader survey

Distinctions between therapists' degrees

When do you Divorce your Doctor?

Biased media reporting on this controversial technique

Flame Wars
Effects of Mood States on Social Judgments in Cyberspace
by Storm King

Generic & trade names of medications

The Horror of HMOs
Anonymous experience with HMO "care"

House of Cards
Review of Robyn Dawes' book on Psychology

How to Choose a Therapist
...and Other Questions Answered About Starting Your Psychotherapy

Licensing Information
Need to contact your local licensing board about a therapist or counselor you're seeing? Links to all of their Websites are here.

A Letter to My Psychiatrist
by Jaimie L. White

My Dance With Shadow
A poem by Diana Bay

Patient rights
Your basic rights as a mental health patient

Psychotherapy for Depression
Your First and Best Treatment Choice

Sacred Life?
Suicide interventions on the Internet

SARANDI: Sexual Abuse Recognition and Non-Disclosure Inventory of Young Adolescents
by Nancy Faulkner, Ph.D.

Self-help Booklist
Craig Phillips' reviews of self-help, mental health books

The Starvation of Our Mental Healthcare System
An essay by David B. Goldstein, Ph.D. (September 8, 1999).

Therapeutic Neglect: A First-Person Account
Cub Lea writes about his unfortunate experiences with therapists

Types of Therapies
Theoretical Orientations and Practices of Therapists

True and Fair?
An essay by John McManamy about drug company-funded research (November 17, 1999).

Unprofessional Practices
Creating diagnoses through publicity and media campaigns

Why Managed Care Hurts You
Demand better from your HMO or insurance company now!
Reader Response

Self-Help Quizzes

Goldberg's Depression Quiz
Print version
Interactive version
Goldberg's Mania Quiz
Print version
Interactive version

Adult ADD Quiz
Interactive version

Op-Ed & Editorials

Out of My Mind!
Editorial commentary and essays from the mind of John, updated monthly.

Archives of Essays
My online archives of past editorials and essays I've written for Psych Central.

Misc. Articles & Information

Development of CERS
(Cognitive Elaboration Rating System)

Announce Newsgroup Charter
Charter and submission guidelines for the Usenet newsgroup, sci.psychology.announce.

Psychotherapy Newsgroup Charter
Charter and submission guidelines for the Usenet newsgroup, sci.psychology.psychotherapy. moderated.

Research Newsgroup Charter
Charter and submission guidelines for the Usenet newsgroup, sci.psychology.research.

Treatment manuals
Manuals for empirically validated treatments




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