The Psych Central Report: November 2005

Issue 10, November 2005

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Validation and Openheartedness
By Alex Williams

It is generally recognized that validation is a good thing to have, and we each look for validation within our families, in our wider relations and in our working lives. For those of us in happy circumstances, validation is openly given and received; it is a fellowship of belonging and is highly valued by those who receive it and those who give it. Sadly, many of us live, or have lived, in circumstances which are not like this.

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Thanksgiving, A Time to Remember
By SS8282

Every year, I like to take this time to sit down and think about what this holiday really means to me. What is there to be thankful for?

I think about things that have happened to me and my loved ones during the past year. The negatives come easily to mind, while the positives are more forced. Then, I think about other people and all that has happened.

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News Update
A news update of some of the most important psychology, mental and behavioral health news items from around the 'Net in the past few weeks.
   Mental Health Care Choices Available to You
By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Individuals with mental health problems in today's society still suffer an unwarranted stigma and discrimination. What is often left out in the confusion surrounding mental disorders is how many treatment choices are available to the average individual. In this month's column, I will outline some of the basic treatment options commonly used to help people with mental disorders.

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Balancing Life Roles
By Rapunzel

People have an increasing number of roles in life. Satisfaction with life, as well as stress levels, depends not on the number of roles a person has but on their quality. Roles change significantly throughout life. It can be difficult to balance them, but we must learn to let go of roles that are no longer useful.

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What's New on Psych Central
A listing of updated or new resources added to Psych Central during the month of October 2005.

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