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What's New for September 2005

by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
October 2005

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A roundup of new resources, articles, and information on Psych Central.

Just a reminder...

Poetry Book Project

Silent No More We're pleased to announce the publication of our first ever poetry collection!! Silent No More is now available for purchase from our publishing partner, Lulu.

A touching collection of poetry from members of an online mental health community. Includes over 75 poems from over two dozen contributors from around the world, all brought together by a single voice found in the online support community. The poetry contained in this book will touch your heart, remind you of human frailty, and gives voice to the emotions experienced by us all. Poems include the short, tender and sweet, to the disturbing, heart-wrenching, and bitter. Something for every poetry lover is found within this wonderful book. Proceeds from the book's sale will be available for funding requests from community members in the form of a community fund.

21 New Internet Resources Added

We've added 21 new resources to our Internet directory in the past month. Some highlights include:

Mental Dimensions Humor Ezine
Warped minds can come here for humor, satire and parody. You can be ashamed of a mental illness, or hide it, but you'll feel better if you laugh at it.

A professional's thoughts, ideas and comments about issues related to psychiatry, mental health and neuroscience.

Cognitive Daily
A new cognitive psychology article nearly every day, exploring recent psychological themes, research and news.

A book review of 'Online Therapy'
Dr. Grohol's review of the new Norton book, 'Online Therapy,' a guide for any psychotherapist looking to break into the world of providing a therapeutic experience online.

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