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October 2005 Community Update

by Ozzie
October 2005

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Welcome back Psych Central fans! We’ve had a very exciting thing happen during this past month. A large number of members from the forums contributed to the publication of a new book edited by our own DocJohn. The book is titled Silent No More.

This book is a collection of poetry which is at times heartwarming and gut-wrenching at other times. It manages to convey someone’s deepest emotions on each and every page. I’m very proud to have been a part of the finished book which is available through or I’m also very proud to be a member of this online community.

In the introduction of the book, DocJohn says, “The title of this collection was inspired by the long silence many people suffering from mental health issues have had to endure throughout their lives. Speaking up about abuse, depression, anxiety, suicide, trauma - these are never easy things to talk about. It is far easier to remain quiet, to not make waves. By breaking the silence, these authors give hope to anyone who’s ever suffered from mental illness.”

Many of the authors in the book also share their work in the Creative Corner Forum at Psych If you’d like to visit and read their work you’ll be in for a wide assortment of creativity.

I took an informal poll to find out how often the Creative Forum is visited by members. I also received opinions from many of our members about the Creative Forum. I would like to share some of those opinions with you now.

Poohbah Raynaadi said, “I pretty much only visit if someone asks me to read something. I was excited about the book though!” Poohbah wi_fighter was in agreement with Raynaadi. Member mellors said, “Every time I visit this site I check out Creative Corner, sometimes to post, sometimes just to read, most of my posts in this forum are based in Creative Corner. This is my first port of call when I visit this site, so much can be learned from listening to other peoples’ poems and prose, I can relate to most of what is written here and it is reflected in my own submissions to the forum. There are some awesome talents here.”

A few members have a negative opinion of Creative Corner which I’m sure happens at all sites. Veteran Member Mortimer said, “To be truthful I have a history in writing poetry in the scholarly ‘correct’ way, so I have a hard time seeing past that when I read other’s things. I see it like I’m trying to correct errors, improve flow, or cut word count down, like I had to do in class. I hate feeling like that.” Elder SeptemberMorn was in agreement with Mortimer. Elder fayerody simply stated, “It isn’t as it was.” Magnate LadyDragus stated, “I used to post a great deal in the Creative Corner forum, but I rarely do anymore…..I still read all of the poems in there and keep up with who is writing what and all that stuff.”

Veteran Member shadowdancer said, “I visit Creative Corner a lot because I feel like poetry (the good, band and indifferent) tells us a lot about what’s going on in the minds of the people who write it.” Poohbah butterflylady747 said, “I love the Creative Corner….there are a few members who almost always communicate here. By not reading it I would miss out on some great talent.” Poohbah Petunia said, “When I look inside the pages of Creative Corner, it’s as if I’ve been invited to look into the soul of each writer. To me, it’s not about the rules of poetry or the correct writing style it’s more about the personal pain, hopes and dreams of fellow human beings.” Grand Member Ganesha said, “I love this site. So much of my learning about being brave to express my true emotions and life experiences has been formed here. I am ever grateful for this site… that people share so deeply.”

Elder _Sky said, “I don’t usually share my poetry, as it is very personal and reveals more than I can trust everyone here with….especially now that I’ve been brought back to reality that everyone here has mental unwellness….and we all sometimes just don’t get it.”

Member jammerlich wondered if my poll risked being skewed because part of the time it was placed in the Creative Corner. I thought that was a good observation and have decided not to share the results of the poll in this article but instead only share the written replies. I hope you have enjoyed reading these replies and will investigate the Creative Corner forum for yourself.

I was very excited this month to share with you these two mediums for creative talent that are shared by many members of Psych Central. Come back next month and see what’s been happening among the many fans of this caring community.

Editor's Note: It is with great sadness that we bid Susan ("Ozzie") goodbye, as she has resigned her post with the community and on the newsletter. We thank her for her months of service to the community and our readers.

Susan J. King (aka "Ozzie") is a retired Mother of four. At one time she was the Office Manager of the local newspaper where she wrote articles and poems as well as doing page layout and typesetting.

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