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September 2005 Community Update

by Ozzie
September 2005

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"Summertime and the living is easy" at the forums. Posting is usually slower during the summer months but certainly not any less interesting than other times of the year. Many members, including myself, have taken breaks from the forums for vacations. I'm glad however, to again be contributing to the newsletter and I have lots of things to talk about.

Our newest moderator, January, has been a tremendous help to the team with her quick welcomes to new members and her friendly support to all in need. When asked why she wanted to be a moderator, January replied, "Psych Central has become my second home. When I came here, perfect strangers went out of their way to make me feel at home and helped me any way they could. My friends here have become my family and we all try hard to support each other. Becoming a moderator gives me the chance to give back even more to the community which has helped me so much."

When reviewing the forums for interesting threads during the past month, I found a popular topic in the General forum. I started the thread myself and its' title is The Moderators. The forum moderators each posted a few paragraphs about themselves. Members have appreciated getting to know the team on a personal level.

Another thread which received a great deal of readership was started by Doc John in the General forum. The thread title is A Note about Administrative Issues Here. In the thread Doc John said, "This is a self-help support community. The purpose of this community is for members to help one another." Later in the thread he said, Ninety-nine percent of the members here are good, positive influences on one another and try their best to be supportive, to help others, and ask others for help when they need it."

Recently, the Social Chat forum was added to the General category of forums. Since it was moved from the Distractions forum, it has become a popular place to discuss books, movies, hobbies, ideas and other interesting things going on in our lives. Playing word games in that forum has been fun for many members. So far in 2005 there have been over 4200 posts in this forum. This is the place to go if you would like to learn about members' hobbies and interests or share some of your own.

This month I asked the members of Psych Central what their favorite forums are. One anonymous member said, "I like the Dissociatives forum best because it feels the safest for me." Other members who favor the Dissociatives forum are Kimmydawn, kathyanita, Shadowsinsideme and Kerria.

Walkswithspiritbear said, "I have been trying to read a bit on each forum right now, but my relationship is very important to me so the Relationship & Communications forum is where most of my time is spent." Member dayzee9 said about the General forum, "General is the 'melting pot' of PC; you get the best of the best!" Jennie said, Psychotherapy forum, I don't feel so different when I read that others are experiencing the same things in therapy that I experience."

Dolfin had this to say, "Social Chat forum is my favorite, because I can 'escape' the hellish rides my dx gives me, even if it is only for a few moments in time." Member radio_flyer said, "Question of the Week is my favorite forum to read and post. Although I don't post very much, I think I may have posted the most in the Question of the Week."

According to sqrlb8, "Mine is Creative Corner for sure, big surprise huh? lol. Well, besides the safety for my outlandish buffoonery, I find there to be a magic in side-stepping the direct grappling with the "issues" we face, in favor of the subtler approach of teasing them to the surface creatively." TheCheshireCat said, "As you likely guessed, my favorite street corner for loitering at this site is Creative Corner. I don't know of any other psych site writing section with such vitality and with so many posters. It really vibrates with energy-an eclectic mixture of the glad, the sad, and the absurd."

Eskielover seemed to sum up her feelings about the forums with this statement, "I wish there had been a place such as Psych Central eleven years ago….I wouldn't have felt like I was going insane….maybe a bit crazy would have been ok. I am very thankful for having Psych Central now, and thank all of you who are making all of the forums a great place to be. Maybe not much help on the favorite forum answer….but each has its time and place."

Even though the Dog Days of Summer (the period of time between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemispheres) have zapped some of our energy, members at Psych Central have continued to contribute to the forums by sharing their problems, feelings and interests with one another. Like any family does, all of us at the forums have managed to survive the "heat" of disagreements and keep our "cool" by truly caring for our fellow members. When I see you next time, I hope we will be enjoying the crisp cool days of autumn.

Susan J. King (aka "Ozzie") is a retired Mother of four. At one time she was the Office Manager of the local newspaper where she wrote articles and poems as well as doing page layout and typesetting. She has been a moderator at for approximately one year.

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