The Psych Central Report: Jul/Aug 2005

Issue 7, July/August 2005

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This Above All:
To Thine Own Self be True:
Acceptance of Self

Tomi Inglis
One of the toughest things for anyone to do, especially those who have a mental illness is to accept themselves just as they are. In my opinion, acceptance is one of the first steps towards self-esteem. And don't we all struggle with self-esteem! While growing up, I had virtually none. Maybe it was because I was so overly protected but the fact that I was never encouraged to think for myself and the fact that my mother always compared me to my thirteen cousins didn't give me much of a self identity. I just knew that I was found very lacking.

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Strategies for Developing a Resilient Mindset

By SS8282
We learned what the term resilience means and what features a resilient mindset incorporates in Part 1. In Part 2, the author discussed how to develop a positive, more resilient mindset or attitude. Part 3, the author describes the details of these strategies.

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News Update
A news update of some of the most important psychology, mental and behavioral health news items from around the 'Net in the past few weeks.

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What's New on Psych Central
A listing of updated or new resources added to Psych Central during the months of May and June, 2005.
   Get Out of the Relationship Routine
By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees when you're in a relationship. Once a relationship has been established and you're past the "falling in love" stage, most people move fairly quickly into the routine stage. It doesn't matter if you're 20 or 40, the patterns are easy to spot—you spend a lot of time over each other's place, after a year or so of doing that (and getting tired of lugging clothes and laundry back and forth), one of you comes up with the brilliant of idea, "Hey, let's move in together!" Inevitably, that leads us down the road to a relationship routine, one that can be hard and frustrating to break out of.

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Community Community Update
By Ozzie
Note from the Editor: Ozzie's on a much-deserved vacation, and so there will be no community update for this issue. Check back in September for the next update and our next issue!

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