The Psych Central Report: May/June 2005

Issue 6, May/June 2005

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This Above All:
To Thine Own Self be True

Tomi Inglis
There's a tiny gift box sitting next to you. You don't know where it came from, but you know it's not yours. You see others carrying around a gift box that looks very much like the one sitting next to you. Some are bigger than yours, some are smaller; all varying sizes. You wonder what it is, where they got their gift and wonder who lost or left the gift box that sits next to you.

You notice that everyone that carries a box has a matching smile on their face; big boxes, big smile, small box, small smile but everyone with a box has a smile. You neither have a box nor a smile but you can't pick up the box next to you because it's not yours. It belongs to someone else.

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Developing a Resilient Mindset

By SS8282
We learned what the term 'resilience' means and what features a resilient mindset incorporates in Part 1. Here in Part 2 I will discuss how to develop a positive, more resilient mindset or attitude.

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News Update
A news update of some of the most important psychology, mental and behavioral health news items from around the 'Net in the past few weeks.

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What's New on Psych Central
A listing of updated or new resources added to Psych Central during the month of April 2005.
   Life or Something Like It
By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
You've heard it a million times. Enjoy life, it's too short to take for granted. Yet how can you when you're grappling with your own issues. You feel miserable, unhappy, anxious. How can life be enjoyable when you feel this way?

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Community Community Update
By Ozzie
As membership continues to grow, I would like to report on a category of the forums that I haven't said much about until now. If you have never checked out the Distractions category, you might want to do so in the near future. There are five separate forums that make up the Distractions category. Announcements, Classified and Job Postings, Recipes and Healthy Living and Pets, Plants, Music, Hobbies and Other Fun Things. Last but not least is the Question of the Week forum. Doc John frequently posts thought-provoking questions for members in the Question of the Week Forum. Here are some excerpts that may entice you to investigate this forum.

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