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March 2005 Community Update

March 2005

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As the end of winter approaches, changes continue to be made at the Forums @ Psych Central. Two new forum moderators have been added to the moderating team. Nerak, one of the new moderators said, "I was so honored to have Doc John ask me to be a moderator. I will be moderating the Depression and Psychotherapy areas. I have been at the forums for a year now and find this to be part of my daily routine. Coming to the board and checking to see how all my "family" is doing. I truly hope that I can help anyone that needs help as you all have helped me. I thank you all for the wonderful opportunity."

Kimmydawn, the other new moderator had this to say about becoming a moderator, "I applied for the position of moderator as I wanted so much to "do something more" for this community that I've come to think of as my home within my home. I will be moderating in the General forum. I've been a member of a similar community for years and when I visited PsychCentral I felt immediately as if I'd been here just as long. The members were warm and inviting, and I quickly knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I realize that I've not been a member for a really long time, but my commitment is the same that it would be if I'd have been here for years…110%. I'm honored to be a part of PsychCentral, and the safety, compassion and knowledge its members have shared with me, I promise to share likewise."

As the effects of grey winter days continue to get us down, members' moods were often apologetic in nature. I noticed a number of posts containing the words 'I'm sorry'. Some members in the midst of depression or anger lash out at others and later apologize.
Members were sorry for whining, sorry for posting in the wrong place, sorry for stepping on others' toes and sorry for being themselves.

One thread started by AngelGirl in the General forum was titled 'An Introspective View'. I found this thread interesting because we all post and reply according to how we are thinking and feeling at any given moment. Later we may decide to apologize, restate, or clarify what we originally said.

AngelGirl said, "Have you ever reread any of your old posts that you did while in a 'different' state? I have and it amazes me that it was 'really' me that wrote them back then. I'm not necessarily referring to posts from several months ago. I'm referring to as recent as yesterday. I'm referring to when I post while in the abyss (the Monster), extreme anxiety (I can't take this anxiety anymore), hypomanic or anything in between. When I take an introspective look at them, it seems that it was an entirely different person who was in that state and wrote those words. What a difference a mood can make!"

Most members' replies to her post were in agreement. According to SeptemberMorn, "I've gone back and reread my journal and posts here and wondered where the heck my head was at the time I wrote some things too. I think even most 'normal' people do the same thing."

Phoenix30 had this to say, "That happens to me all the time - you're def not the only one who struggles to recognize themselves, I change so much from day to day, and throughout the day and what I say and how I say it is ruled by my 'mood' at that time. I often say things I can't recognize the next day. It's like, I know I said it, I know I did it but I can't relate to it because my mood has changed. I see things differently depending on my mood, and I interpret things differently too. Anyway, you're not the only one, OK"

With winter winding down and spring around the corner, maybe our spirits, moods, depression and anxiety will soon lift and be blown away by the March winds. When you hear from me next, it will be spring and I will be happy. Till then, don't let the winter blahs get the best of you!

Editor's Note: Congratulations to Ozzie, who was an appointed to an administrator position at the end of February.

Susan J. King (aka "Ozzie") is a retired Mother of four. At one time she was the Office Manager of the local newspaper where she wrote articles and poems as well as doing page layout and typesetting. She has been a moderator at for approximately one year.

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