The Psych Central Report: December 2004

Issue 2, December 2004

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Merry Christmas!

The Patient-Therapist Relationship: Choosing a Therapist
By SS8282
The relationship between the patient and his or her therapist is very important to the patient's well-being. There has to be a good rapport between the two. Like any good relationship, there must be a match.

This is Part 1 in a series of three articles on the patient-therapist relationship. The first part deals with how to choose amongst the kinds of therapists and mental health professionals available. The second part looks at professionalism within the patient-therapist relationship. The third part discusses knowing when to end a patient-therapist relationship. Read more...

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Grieving Through the Holidays
Wreath By SS8282
The loss of a loved one (friend or family) is difficult to deal with, but with the holidays coming up, coping becomes even more challenging. Christmas songs are playing on the radio and in stores, people buying gifts, and sounds of laughter are all reminders that there will be at least one less person to find a present for, one less person to share the enjoyment of this 'merry' time of the year; and one less person whose voice and laughter will never be heard from again. Read more...

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News Update
A news update of some of the most important psychology, mental and behavioral health news items from around the 'Net in the past few weeks.

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What's New on Psych Central
A listing of updated or new resources added to Psych Central during the month of December 2004.
   Christmas Lighting Addiction
Christmas tree By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
It is an age-old question that has haunted people since the first string of lights was strung in the 20th century. Why do some people seem to go a little crazy with the amount of lights and displays they put on their homes and lawns? What makes some people think that this is a good idea? This growing phenomenon has turned into a full-blown behavioral addiction for some. Read more...

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Community Community Update
By Ozzie
As Christmas approaches, the Grohol community has been sharing feelings, stories and traditions of the holidays in several different forums throughout the site. An ongoing holiday poll being taken in the General forum indicates that a two thirds majority of members have increased depression as the holiday closes in. Whether suffering from additional depression or simply enjoying the celebrations, the holidays impact us all in some way. Read more...

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Coping with Dissociation as a Student: Part 2
Dissociation is the coping method of choice for many of us, but what happens when dissociation begins to interfere with our responsibilities and our daily lives? At this point, dissociation itself becomes something to cope with. Dissociation can present challenges in many arenas, not the least of which is academically. So how does one cope with dissociation as a student? Read more...

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