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John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
November, 2004

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I look around the online mental health landscape and often times I see stagnation. Sites that rarely change or that rarely push the limits. Sites coming online for the very first time this year that are trying to do things we were doing back in 1996 or 1997. Other sites that have been around since before that time with nothing new to show for it except one new article a month. And yet still others that spend more time and money on silly legal threats rather than innovating online.

Two months ago, I decided it was time to again shake things up and to do it with a project I've long since been meaning to do -- a monthly online newsletter. Sure, lots of folks do newsletters, and I'm sure others will do them better than I do. But one thing is for certain, I publish this newsletter for one reason and one reason only -- to provide you with interesting and informational articles about mental health, psychology, relationships, stress, coping and more. It's about you and meeting your changing needs for interesting and relevant information. I think the newsletter format is a great way to do that, and to do it every month.

These newsletters are going to be great and what they may lack in fancy graphics or style (I'll let the giant corporations worry about such things), they more than make up in substance and interesting writing. And not from just anyone, but from individuals like yourself who've gone through many, many trying times, who've dealt with many of the same issues you have, and want to write about their experiences. It may be based upon what they've learned, not only from life, but from education or training. Not just from experience, but from doing it both the right way and the wrong way and hoping you don't have to make quite the same mistakes. Just ordinary people who have something to share with you.

These are the people who make up the core contributions to this newsletter, and will continue to make them up in upcoming issues. We hope to be able to publish this once every month, with interesting and informative articles. We can do it with your help! If you have an article idea or would like to write something yourself, read about contributing to a future issue. New articles and ideas are always welcomed!

It's time to reach out to more people and to have more people reach out to one another. This is our attempt to help start the conversation, to help get people thinking, and to help to continue to reduce the stigma, ignorance and misunderstandings that continue to existence surrounding these issue.

On behalf of all the contributors to this issue and the rest of the folks who help make Psych Central possible, I welcome you! From our home to yours, we also wish you a very warm and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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