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November 2004 Community Update

November, 2004

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The community at is a happening place to be. It has grown to over six thousand members with posts and replies totaling over 65,000 in each month! People from every walk of life are giving and receiving information and emotional support in this safe and friendly home away from home. In 2004 twelve new forums have been added for use by the growing membership. New forums include: Personality Place, Kudos & Affirmations, Internet Travelers Lounge, Grief and Loss, Psychotherapy, Dissociative Disorders, Schizophrenia and Psychosis, Substance and Alcohol Abuse, Classified and Job Postings, Recipes & Healthy Living, Health Support and Question of The Week. There's something for everyone at Grohol.

The purpose of the Forums at is simple, but the members' problems aren't always easy things to deal with. The Mental Health Forums can be a wonderful place to receive empathy and support from others going through similar experiences. Member ktp commented in a post recently, "It's a wonderful place where people can have their own opinions on things and still be friends." One of the most active Mental Health threads has been in the Psychotherapy Forum. This thread is, "Why Do People Fear Therapy" started by SkyBdark in Mid-October. This topic drew a valuable discussion on the possible reasons for the fear and avoidance of therapy. A member by the name of Stars said in regards to her beliefs, "Just remember, that just because we think something, doesn't make it true."

When I asked krzykris101 what he likes best about this site and how it has helped him, he replied, "It would be the fact that it is available twenty-four hours a day when I need it… or night. The experiences of others and support are really an important part of my ongoing mental health treatment and help me cope when I am having symptom flares or when I fall very down and depressed." He said he "really likes the many new forums that have been created and the number of different forums available as I have a wide range of disorders."

A thread in the Personality Disorder forum titled "Sock Disorder" was started by Sesquix. It held my attention last week with interesting comments by members some of whom were fgh, cms39, vulnerome, Dakota and Myzen. In the end, I believe that most decided the topic was uplifting. According to Myzen, "I sure would love to hear of other people's quirks…makes me feel good to know there are some others just like me out there! Sharing this stuff makes us feel more normal, it's good."

The recently created forum and a popular place for newcomers is the Internet Travelers Lounge. Here new members can easily make the transition to other forums when they are ready. A popular forum for sharing views and having a little fun has been the Distractions Forum. Doc John's Question of the Week there has been huge success with members, as has Pets, Plants, Movies, Hobbies and Other Fun Things. One thread in particular, started by LoonyLovegood, has received over 300 replies. That thread is titled "One Word Story Game" and has provided some silliness for many of us.

In the General Forum, the most active topic for discussion has been a thread titled "What's Playing on Your Stereo Right Now?" This thread was started by fayerody and has brought a lot of people into the conversation. There have been well over 100 replies quoting music from every decade. Magnate member, SeptemberMorn says, "It's sent me on a pursuit of long lost music and memories; some good, some not so good, but it's been a growing/learning experience." When asked recently what keeps you coming back and remaining active here, SeptemberMorn replied, "I keep coming back for the company and the warm friendships. Whenever I start to lose interest in my daily life, I come on the site and get motivated by the positive as well as the negative posts."

A new music thread in the General forum has been started. It is titled "Music Thread, How a Song Has Affected You". This thread is receiving posts of song lyrics by recording artists ranging from Creed to Josh Groban to Marty Robbins. This is one you'll want to participate in. When you have read the many interesting posts and replies at the forums, it will be time to view the new and exciting Photo Gallery. By the time you've finished seeing everything that has to offer, I'll be back letting you know what's new at the forums.

Susan J. King (aka "Ozzie") is a retired Mother of four. At one time she was the Office Manager of the local newspaper where she wrote articles and poems as well as doing page layout and typesetting. She has been a moderator at for approximately one year.

Last updated: 20 Dec 2004
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