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The Psych Central Report is published monthly by the good folks at Psych Central, maker of quality online mental health information resources since 1995. The Forums @ Psych Central are responsible for the positive contributors and volunteer staff that go to make up the original writing for the newsletter.

Editor in Chief

John M. Grohol, Psy.D. (aka DocJohn) is a Boston-area psychologist, technologist and expert in online behavior. He's been indexing Internet resources since 1992 and on Psych Central since 1995. He began one of the first online mental health magazines in 1996, called Perspectives. Read more about Dr. Grohol...

Assistant Editor

Candy Czernicki (aka candybear) began her journalism career on the Nallwood Junior High Scroll in 1977 and never looked back. She holds a master of arts degree in journalism from Marquette University, Milwaukee, where she teaches part-time in the journalism department. She is also a reporter for the South Milwaukee Voice Graphic. She can be found posting most often in the depression and self-injury forums.

Contibuting Editors

Mary Alice Hocking (aka PlanningtoExist) is currently looking for employment. She has held numerous jobs in the retail and restaurant industries as management, and just recently as a security officer. Interests include computer software, and psychology.

SS8282 graduated with a Specialized Honours BA in three years (instead of four) while working full-time hours to put herself through school. How she did it is mind-boggling, even to her. She then went on to do a post-graduate in Human Resources. After working at various companies, she is now the Manager of Human Resources & Office Administration at an engineering company. She is in the process of 'training' her colleagues, who are all male, to be a little more 'civilized' in terms of language and behaviour, and she is succeeding at that.

Rapunzel is a 29+ year-old mother of three. She went from being a stay-at-home home-schooling mom to being a full-time student, then to working two jobs (currently mental health assistant at a preschool program serving low-income families, and just about to start a new second job as a speech therapy teaching assistant). She is returning once again to school as a graduate student in mental health counseling.

Alex Williams (aka Myzen) has a BA Hons in Philosophy and an Mphil in Moral Philosophy. He is an early retired teacher living in the UK, and writes regularly for an online philosophy journal.

SeptemberMorn is a 62 -year- old grandmother of 9 1/2 children and mother of four. She's always had an interest in writing and has completed all English courses offered by the junior college in her area. All of her knowledge has been through experience "on the couch" and she finds it fulfilling to interact with others who live with mental health issues.

Inkblot is a regular contributor to Psych Central's World of Psychology blog, which offers regular and relevant news updates and breaking research in the world of mental health and psychology.




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