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News Articles on Agoraphobia - Page 2

Brain Response to Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are a common psychiatric condition with nearly a dozen different disorders classified in medical literature. New research finds differing patterns of brain activity associated with each of...
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Meds or CBT for Panic Disorder

Why a pharmaceutical approach helps some individuals with a mental health disorder, yet fails to help others, is a salient research question. A group of Dutch investigators describe individual...
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Anxiety/Mood Disorders Link

New research suggests Americans living with depression or bipolar disorders are also likely to have significant problems with anxiety. Often the conditions, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, receive inadequate care...
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Mental Health is Underserved

A recently published study shows that nearly 30 percent of the general population would benefit from mental health care; however, only 10 percent of the population actually receives help....
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Panic Attacks Hinder Diabetics

Psychosocial issues accompanying the diagnosis of diabetes may compromise an individual’s ability to manage the disease leading to more severe health complications and a poorer quality of life. Early...
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