Elsevier announces partnership with Chinese Society of Particuology

China Collection expands on ScienceDirect

Amsterdam, 13 December 2006 -- Elsevier is pleased to announce a cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to publish China Particuology, the only English bi-monthly publication on the science and technology of particles in China. This development further strengthens the collaboration with the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences, launched in 2005 as part of the Chinese Journal Cooperation Program, to distribute high-quality Chinese research to an international audience.

The journal is sponsored by the Chinese Society of Particuology, whose members come from hundreds of universities, research institutions and production enterprises working on particles in China and abroad. The international editorial board is represented by high-ranking Chinese and foreign scientists dedicated to the dissemination of new particle research achievements.

The Journal is supported by an international editorial board, and guest editors of recent special issues have included Professor J. Werther, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and Professor H. Bi, University of British Columbia.

"Over the past three years we have worked hard to create a high-quality journal with international content and an active editorial board" commented Editor-in-Chief Mooson Kwauk of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. "Apart from China, we regularly publish contributions from the USA, Germany, UK and other countries. However, we were still missing a platform to reach a worldwide audience. We are very happy that ScienceDirect now offers us the chance to reach our peers all over the world."

Elsevier Publisher Louise Morris added "We are delighted that the Chinese Society of Particuology has selected Elsevier as its publishing partner to expand dissemination and advance development of China Particuology as a leading title in the field of particle science and technology. The Journal will be included in the ScienceDirect China Collection (www.info.sciencedirect.com/content/journals/china) which aims to promote the availability of prominent Chinese science technology and medical journals on an international level."


About the Chinese Society of Particuology
The Chinese Society of Particuology (http://www.csp.org.cn/english/index.html) is a voluntary organization of workers in research, development and application of the science and technology of particles. The Society is dedicated to fostering liaison and exchange among its members through scientific and technical symposia and to disseminating knowledge on particles through continuing education and scientific publications.

About the Chinese Academy of Sciences
The Chinese Academy of Sciences (http://english.cas.cn/eng2003/page/about.htm) is the national academy for the natural sciences of the People's Republic of China. It has over 100 institutes, one university and a graduate school dedicated to the advancement of scientific and technical research. It is the single largest producer of international scientific articles in China.

About Elsevier Society Publishing
Elsevier is committed to building unique, long-lasting relationships to help societies achieve their publishing goals and provide value-added member services. Elsevier partners with more than 500 international learned societies, professional associations and research institutes.

About ScienceDirect
Over a quarter of the world's full text scientific, technical and medical (STM) articles - managed by renowned editors, written by respected authors and read by researchers from around the globe - are available in one place: ScienceDirect (www.sciencedirect.com).

Elsevier's extensive and unique full-text collection covers authoritative titles from the core scientific literature including high impact factor titles such as THE LANCET, Cell and Tetrahedron. Over seven-and-a-half million articles are available online, including Articles in Press which offer rapid access to recently accepted manuscripts. The critical mass of information available on ScienceDirect is unsurpassed. Coverage includes over 2000 journals published by Elsevier and dynamic linking to journals from approximately 350 STM publishers through CrossRef. An expanding program of online major reference works, handbooks and book series in all fields of science seamlessly interlinks with primary research referenced in journal articles.

About Elsevier
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