GroPep launches new Assay kit for cancer research

Listed biopharmaceutical company GroPep Limited (ASX: GRO) today announced the release of a novel Assay kit to be used in the detection of a range of diseases, including cancer.

The Assay kit which detects human IGFBP-3 - is highly specific and sensitive and can detect minute samples of the molecule in human serum or plasma.

The kit is expected to generate considerable interest in the global research market and has potential to add significantly to the Company's Biomedical Research Products sales.

This is the third ELISA (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) Kit resulting from the strategic alliance between GroPep and UK-based kit manufacturer Immunodiagnostic Systems Limited (IDS).

Playing to their respective strengths, GroPep develops, produces and supplies antibodies and antigens to IDS, who use these products to develop and manufacture ELISA kits for the research and diagnostic markets.

What is IGFBP-3?

IGFBP-3 is the major Insulin-like growth factor binding protein in blood controlling the concentration of free Insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) available for cell growth.

What is an ELISA Kit?

An ELISA Kit contains all the components required for the assay. One antibody binds hIGFBP-3 from serum and another specific antibody with an enzyme detection system bound to it, allows development of colour proportional to the amount of hIGFBP-3 in the sample. This colour is read off against a standard curve of known quantities of IGFBP-3.


About GroPep

GroPep is a world leader in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of biologically active proteins for cell culture and biomedical research. The Company has an active biopharmaceutical development program that establishes proof of concept for products in humans and partners the later stages of product development and marketing with major pharmaceutical companies. GroPep is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX code: GRO).

About IDS

IDS specialises in developing and marketing quality immunoassay kits and has an impressive product range in the areas of bone and mineral metabolism, cytokines and adhesion molecules, diabetes, growth factors, growth regulation and endocrinology.

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