Researchers share $900,000 in funding

The work of 17 Australian scientists in the area of cardio vascular medical research will be applauded in Sydney on October 21.

Each researcher has been awarded up to $55,000 towards their work from research-based medicines company Pfizer Australia. Their work will be recognised at the Sydney Hilton Hotel on Saturday, October 21.

All up, it is funding worth more than $900,000 for research conducted by Australian scientists.

The Pfizer Australia Cardio Vascular Lipid (CVL) Research Grants are seen as a stepping stone for medical researchers, who, in the past have gone on to gain greater funding for subsequent research projects. Grant recipients, including the area of their research, are:


Dr Sophie Clarke
Austin Health, Heidelberg, VIC
Study of novel cardiovascular risk factors in predicting adverse outcomes and microvascular complications in a population with type 2 diabetes.
Contact no.: 0405 495 399 03 9496 5489

Dr Barbora de Courten
Baker Heart Research Institute, Melbourne, VIC
Anti-inflammatory therapy: A novel approach to improve insulin sensitivity in obesity?
Contact no.: 0422 155 429 03 8532 1353 [email protected]

Dr Omar Farouque
Austin Health, Heidelberg, VIC
A study of the contribution of KATP channels, and endogenous vasoreactive factors to coronary blood flow in humans.
Contact no.: 03 9496 5934 0424 513 325 [email protected]

Dr Haris Haqqani
Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, VIC
Understanding the mechanisms of atrial fibrillation. High density intra-operative mapping of atrial fibrillation during cardiac surgery.
Contact no.: 03 9342 7133 0402 119 265 [email protected]

Dr John Ly
Austin Health/National Stroke Research Institute, Heidelberg, VIC
Detection of amyloid deposition in cerebral amyloid angiopathy using PIB PET.
Contact no.: 03 9496 3114 0422 952 361 [email protected]

Dr Justin Mariani
Baker Heart Research Institute, Melbourne, VIC
Predictors of progression of mitral regurgitation in heart failure.
Contact no.: 03 8532 1111 0411 238 562 [email protected]

Dr Rosemary Masterson
Western Hospital, Footscray, VIC
The use of two novel factors to predict the development of pre-eclampsia including an HPLC-derived microalbuminuria: creatinine ratio and serum relaxin concentrations.

Dr John Wentworth
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, Box Hill, VIC
Investigation of the role of adipose tissue macrophages and peripheral blood monocytes in early metabolic syndrome. Contact no.: (04) 2299 2891


Dr Hima Vedam
Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Camperdown, NSW
Characterizing the effects of sustained hypoxia on arterial stiffness in subjects with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), and determining reversibility of this response with treatment with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).
Contact no.: 0404 072 392

Mauro Vicaretti
University of Sydney/Westmead Hospital, Westmead, NSW
The affect of statins on monocyte differentiation.
Contact no.: 02 9845 7677 0404 491 695 [email protected]

Dr Julian Ayer
Heart Research Institute, Camperdown, NSW
CARDIO-CAPS - An investigation of the early life determinants of cardiovascular risk and disease.
Contact no.: 0402 107 486

Dr Abdullah Omari
University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW
The metabolic syndrome clinic: A randomised, control trial002E
Contact no.: 02 90363328 0411 121 288 [email protected]

Dr Liza Thomas
University of Sydney/Westmead Hospital, Westmead, NSW
Atrial function with restoration of sinus rhythm following pulmonary vein isolation in patients with atrial fibrillation.
Contact no.: 02 9845 6795
[email protected]


Dr Arduino Mangoni
Flinders University, Bedford Park, SA
Effects of folic acid on endothelial function in patients with metabolic syndrome.

Prof Prashanthan Sanders
University of Adelaide/Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, SA
Role of focal sources in different substrates of atrial fibrillation.
Contact no.: 08 8222 2723 0434 073 090 [email protected]

Dr Karen Teo
Royal Adelaide Hospital, North Terrace, SA
Multimodality carotid imaging in stroke prediction.
Contact no.: 08 8222 5608 0414 880 732 [email protected]


Dr Clair Sullivan
University of Queensland/Princess Alexandra Hospital, Woolloongabba, QLD
Adiponectin: Linking obesity and cardiovascular disease.
Contact no.: (07) 3399 3389 (0400)669 296


The Pfizer Australia CVL Research Grants were established in 1999 to support clinical research into cardiovascular disease or related therapeutic areas.

They are open to Australian medical graduates who have entered the field of research (or who have returned after an appropriate break) within the last five years.

Funding for the CVL Research Grants will be up to $55,000. Each grant is for 12 months.

Pfizer Australia will allocate $1 million per annum to this iniative as part of their continued commitment to cardiovascular research in Australia.

Pfizer Australia is the nation's leading research-based health care company. It discovers, develops, manufactures and markets innovative medical treatments for both humans and animals. Pfizer Australia is investing more than $45 million in local research and development. For more information visit

Feel free to contact any of the grant recipients using the details listed. Some contact details were unavailable at the time of writing please contact Pfizer Australia to be put in touch.

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