International Conference on Evidence for Health System Reform

Global lessons from National Experience

Over 300 ministers, policymakers, and academics from around the world will convene in Mexico City, Oct 4-6, to discuss the results of Mexico's work with health system reform over the past 6 years. The International Conference on Evidence for Health System Reform: Global Lessons from National Experience hosted by The Lancet and the Mexican Ministry of Health aims to generate a set of policy options for middle-to-low income governments to consider as they face similar health challenges to Mexico.

Day one of the meeting will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of a series of Lancet papers on various aspects of the health reforms. On day two and three a high-level policy forum health will take place to discuss reforms underway in other countries. The aim will be to draw more widely applicable lessons from Mexico's and other countries experiences. A series of roundtable discussions will focus on how evidence can be applied to policy making and how national successes can be replicated globally. Representatives from various countries including China, Afghanistan, Australia, and Kenya, will attend the meeting.

Reforms in Mexico have allowed 50 million Mexicans to access publicly subsidised health insurance. Other changes to Mexico's health service have meant that the country is now better equipped to address the double burden of chronic and infectious disease now facing middle-to-low income countries. Special initiatives introduced over the past 5 years are beginning to show encouraging results, such as a 60% reduction in cases of malaria and a 17% reduction in the proportion of male teenagers who smoke. Mexico is also one of only seven countries on track to reduce child mortality by two thirds by 2015 - the 4th Millennium Development Goal. The country is one example of those using scientific evidence and reliable data to drive these developments.

Day 1 Lancet Series Seminar

Topics include:

  • Poverty reduction
  • Improving child survival
  • Dealing with the double burden of chronic and infectious disease
  • The impact of the Popular Health Insurance scheme on Mexico's health system

Speakers include:
Dr Julio Frenk, Minister of Health of Mexico
Dr Richard Horton, Editor of The Lancet

Day 2-3 Policy Forum

Topics include:

  • Achieving the Millennium Development Goals
  • Improving access to essential drugs
  • Strengthening human resources for reform
  • The role of NGOs in developing evidence for reform

Speakers include:
H. E. Vicente Fox, President of Mexico

To attend or obtain more information contact Udani Samarasekera in the Lancet press office T) +44 (0) 207 424 4949/ 07798 882 308 [email protected]

or Victoria Marquez-Mees in Mexico T) +52 (55) 91 49 3362 [email protected]


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