Launch of the HFSP journal

HFSP Publishing is proud to announce the launch of the HFSP journal, Frontiers of Interdisciplinary Research in the Life Sciences

The HFSP Journal aims to foster communication between scientists publishing high quality, innovative interdisciplinary research at the interface between biology and the physical sciences.

Scientists working in fields at the interface between the life sciences and physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, or informatics tend to publish in a wide variety of often specialized, discipline-specific journals and as a result their work may not be read by the professional audience for whom it is most relevant. The HFSP Journal will establish a forum that unites and engages researchers from a wide range of backgrounds. By also publishing Commentaries and Perspectives, which provide context to the basic research articles, the HFSP Journal will encourage broader understanding and synthesis of the exciting work being done across different scientific fields of research.

'The HFSP Journal is unique in that the peer-review process of articles submitted for consideration by the HFSP Journal will be truly interdisciplinary', says Editor-in-Chief, Arturo Falaschi 'This is because every member of the Editorial Board is actively involved in interdisciplinary research, and will consult with colleagues on the Board to take advantage of their distinct scientific backgrounds in making editorial decisions. This is in contrast to other journals where the editorial decision-making is often divided between disciplines.'

The Editorial Board of the HFSP Journal represents 5 distinguished scientists from different disciplines but each with a strong focus on living systems:-

  • Arturo Falaschi (International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Trieste and Scuola Normale of Pisa).
  • Marcelo Magnasco (Department of Physics, Rockefeller University),
  • Peter Seeberger (Department of Chemistry, ETH Zurich),
  • Dan Kiehart (Department of Biology, Duke University) and
  • Mitsuo Kawato (ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories, Kyoto University)

The HFSP Journal offers its authors the option to pay a fee to make their research articles Open Access immediately upon publication. For other articles, access is limited to subscribers for the first 6 months after publication, and access will be free thereafter. The HFSP Journal will be published online and in print.

HFSPO Secretary General and Nobel laureate Torsten Wiesel comments, "Due to its reputation for excellence in interdisciplinary research in biology, HFSPO is well placed to endorse the establishment of a high-level journal that shares its scientific values and will increase the visibility of the Program. This is the main reason I had no hesitation to agree to chair the Editorial Advisory Council of the HFSP Journal. "

The first articles will appear online in December 2006 and the first issue will be published in March 2007.


The HFSP Journal is operated by HFSP Publishing the not-for-profit publisher of the leading international funding agency the Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO). This international funding agency has been supporting innovative research at the frontier of biology since its establishment in 1989.


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