Cell Press to launch new journal, Cell Host & Microbe

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts (October 6, 2006) -- Cell Press, the publisher of ten scientific journals including Cell and Neuron, is proud to announce the launch of a new journal focused on the interactions between microbes and their hosts. The journal, Cell Host & Microbe, is designed to stimulate the exchange of ideas and concepts between scientists studying the microbe and those studying host responses upon microbial invasion.

"We are pleased to offer a journal that integrates the study of microbes," said Lynne Herndon, president of Cell Press.

Cell Host & Microbe will address the renewed interest in microbial disease stemming from bioterrorism concerns, the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and emerging conditions such as bird flu.

"These are exciting times in the study of microbes, not in isolation this time but in the context of their host," said Lakshmi Goyal, who will serve as the journal's editor. "Cell Host & Microbe is poised to capture that excitement."

Cell Host & Microbe will highlight novel findings related to microbes, with particular emphasis on the interface between the microbe and its host. In addition to primary research manuscripts, the journal will include expert analysis, commentary, and reviews covering topics of current interest in the field.

"The journal represents a unique platform for multidisciplinary research in understanding microbes--pathogenic and otherwise--and interactions with their hosts, whether humans, animals, or plants," Goyal said.

Cell Host & Microbe is slated to launch in March of 2007. For more information and to submit a manuscript, go to http://www.cellpress.com/misc/pape?page=cellhostandmicrobe.


About Cell Press

Cell Press, an imprint of Elsevier, is committed to improving scientific communication through the publication of exciting biology research and reviews. As well as the flagship journal, Cell, Cell Press titles include Neuron, Immunity, Molecular Cell, Developmental Cell, Cancer Cell, Current Biology, Structure, Chemistry & Biology, Cell Metabolism, and two new titles launching in 2007, Cell Host & Microbe and Cell Stem Cell. Cell Press's mission is to continue to publish and develop journals that deliver the highest possible intellectual rigor, promote community trust, and are widely disseminated.

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