How to promote interaction between science and policy?

Academy of Finland hosts expert meeting in October

What measures should be taken to improve the dialogue between both environmental researchers and the bodies responsibile for practical environmental policy? This is one of the issues on the agenda of the expert meeting to be arranged by the Academy of Finland in Helsinki in October. The aim of the EU-level international meeting is to promote the impact of environmental research in the implementation of practical environmental policy as well as to increase the dialogue between EU environmental research and environmental policy in particular.

Other themes to be brought up by the meeting include the development of communications and the dissemination and flow of information. Who could be "the intermediaries" to act in the field between environmental research and environmental policy and who would have the responsibility to disseminate the information. The meeting will also discuss the challenges that the flow of information between multidisciplinary research and political decision-making creates for the use of information.

Speakers of the meeting include Director Timo Mäkelä from the Directorate G DG Environment of the European Commission and Director Lauri Hetemäki from the Finnish Forest Research Institute Metla. After the introductions, the themes are further discussed in panels comprising representatives from several bodies, both research-performing and research- knowledge-applying, among them MEP Riitta Myller.

The Science Meets Policy meeting is a continuation to the series of working group meetings arranged since 1998 in the EU Presidency countries. The Helsinki meeting will continue discussing the themes brought up at the previous meeting, held in London in November 2005. The Academy of Finland will arrange altogether six research-related expert meetings during the Finnish EU Presidency, partly in cooperation with the European Commission. This is the first of the six meetings.

The expert meeting will be held on 19–20 October 2006 in the Main Hall of the Academy of Finland (address: Vilhonvuorenkatu 6, Sörnäinen, Helsinki). Representatives of the media are also welcome to attend the meeting. Registrations no later than Friday 13 October 2006 to Tiina Raivo (see contact information below). A detailed programme of the meeting is available at


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