Academia and industry will discuss the future of recommender systems

Both academia and industry will get together this September 12th and 13th, to discuss the Present and Future of Recommender Systems.

Attendees and speakers of “The Present and Future of Recommender Systems” are scientists from universities and professionals from the search industry, mobile operators, music and radio industry, IPTV, hardware, and numerous internet companies.

General information:

Recommender Systems are applications that provide personalized advice to users about products or services they might be interested in. Recommender Systems are playing a major role in the Digital and Social Networking Revolution and becoming a part of everyday life. They are helping people efficiently manage content overload and dive into the long tail of content discovery. The social prevalence of this can be evidenced by the evolution of, and demand for, personalized radio, television, video and on-line shopping. interactive

University speakers include Dr. Alexander Felfering (Klagenfurt University, Austria), Prof. Juntae Kim (Dongguk University, Korea), Dr. Bamshad Mobasher (DePaul University, USA), Prof. Anton Nijholt (Twente University, The Netherlands), Prof. John Riedl (University of Minnesota, USA), and Prof. Barry Smith (University College Dublin, Ireland).

Industry speakers include Chris Anderson (Wired Magazine, USA), Todd Beaupre (Yahoo, Inc., USA), Jim Bennet (Netflix, Inc., USA), Kaushall Kurapati (, USA), Paul Lamere (Sun Microsystems Labs, USA), John McPherson (MyStrands, USA), Dr. Francisco J Martin (MyStrannds, USA), Mike Mull (Yahoo, Inc. USA), Jim Shur (MyStrands, USA) and Dr. Markus G Stolze (IBM Research, USA)


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