Time for a debate in the USA on health care

A new debate on US health care system is long overdue, states an Editorial in this week's issue of The Lancet.

Recent polls indicate that Americans are growing increasingly concerned about their health care system. One survey by The Commonwealth Fund, a non-partisan foundation that supports research into health and social issues, found that two of five adults polled reported having serious problems paying for health insurance or for their own or a family member's health care in the past two years. Two out of five also reported having serious problems getting appointments to see a doctor when they were ill without going to an emergency room.

The Lancet states: "Given such survey results, it is hard to believe that Congress can put off taking up serious health care reform much longer…There has not been a major debate over the US health care system since the early 1990s, when then President Bill Clinton's ambitious health reform effort collapsed. A new debate is long overdue. US voters are worried and they want a comprehensive solution, not tinkering. And they want a solution for all Americans, not just a few. They are looking for leadership."


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