AZoNano/NanoVic release podcast of Nanotech -- A review with an Australian perspective

AZoNetwork and Nanotechnology Victoria (NanoVic) announce the Podcast release of, "Nanotech - A Review with an Australian Perspective"

Podcast available at

SYDNEY - 28th Sept 2006 - Marking a major milestone in the delivery of Nanotechnology related information; AZoNetwork and Nanotechnology Victoria (NanoVic) today announced the official release of the first in a series of Nanotechnology Reviews in a Podcast format.

This initial Podcast provides a short history of the development of Nanotechnology and interviews several key players from within the Nanotech industry, research community and government to draw out their current views on the likely impact Nanotechnology will have on healthcare, materials and the environment.

Dr. Peter Binks, CEO of NanoVic (Melbourne) commented, "We believe this form of new media is an ideal fit with our role of spreading the word of Nanotechnology to the general public, industry and academia".

"We are very excited to have worked on this project with the team at as the global footprint of and the 300,000 monthly visitor sessions it receives means it is the ideal launch platform for a Podcast such as this".

Dr. Ian Birkby, the CEO of AZoNetwork (Sydney) the operator of the website commented, "There is a real need to make Nanotechnology more accessible to the world outside the community of Nanotech specialists. We believe that the support we've received from NanoVic has enabled us to produce the first in series of Nanotech podcasts that will ensure the issues around Nanotechnology are accessible to all"

"We also believe that in a world where our working lives are highly time pressured, the ability to spend 30 mins during your drive to work listening to the latest developments in Nanotech emphasizes the potential of the Podcasting medium in relation to nanotechnology."

The Podcast provides an overview of nanotechnology and includes interviews with the following key players;

Gavin Rezos - Former Managing Director and now Consultant to PsiVida, a leading player in the use of BioSilion in the targeted delivery of drugs for the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Jackie Fairley - CEO, Starpharama, a leading NanoBiotech company at the forefront of the use of dendrimer technology for the treatment of HIV and genital Herpes.

Dr. Sarah Morgan - Project Manager - Delivery & Sensing at Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd. Sarah leads commercial projects in the development and testing of analytical and delivery devices, with a focus on water analysis and environmental applications.

Dr. Terry Turney - Director of the CSIRO Nanotechnology Centre. Terry is at the forefront of Australian Government initiatives relating to the commercialisation of Nanotech products

Professor Frank Caruso - Professor and Federation Fellow in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Melbourne. A leading researcher in the development of "bottom up" Nanotechnology as applied to Polymeric layers

Dr. Kristin Alford, currently the Marketing Director at Nanotechnology Victoria. Kristin is also the Director of Bridge8 Pty Ltd which she established in 2002 to consult to a range of organisations on foresight, strategy and planning.

Podcast available at


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About Nanotechnology Victoria (Nanovic)

Nanotechnology Victoria Ltd (Melbourne Australia) is nanotechnology commercialisation company formed by four major research providers, with funding from the Victorian Government. It has a portfolio of investments and licenses in nanomaterials and bionano developments, and is a leading contributor to education and public awareness of nanotechnology in Australia.

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