New summary of Dietary Reference Intakes

Over the past several years, the Institute of Medicine has issued eight volumes containing the Dietary Reference Intakes, evidence-based estimates of how much of each nutrient healthy people need at different ages. The DRIs are considered the accepted source in the United States and Canada of nutrient reference values for maintaining good health. They are used in establishing standards for nutrition labeling, planning diets, and designing nutrition education programs, among other applications.

Now, the IOM has developed a new single-volume guide that summarizes key information about the DRIs. DIETARY REFERENCE INTAKES: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO NUTRIENT REQUIREMENTS reviews why the nutrients are important, the effects of deficiencies and excessive intakes, and how to use the reference values in planning and assessing diets. Reporters who wish to obtain a copy should contact the National Academies' Office of News and Public Information at tel. 202-334-2138 or e-mail [email protected]. Please specify if you wish to obtain a print copy or pdf files of the report.


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