One small step for Soft Matter...

... one giant leap for interdisciplinary research

In January 2007 Soft Matter will separate from its host journal and become an independent publication, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has announced.

Soft Matter publishes leading research on soft matter, with a particular focus on the interface between physics and chemistry.

A success story "We're proud of the progress Soft Matter has made since its launch in 2005: the journal has grown rapidly, the quality of science is superb and feedback from readers has been overwhelmingly positive," said Dr Robert Parker, Editorial Director at RSC Publishing, "it seems timely and appropriate for Soft Matter to go solo." Until now Soft Matter has been physically bound to print issues of Journal of Materials Chemistry, where it complemented the content of the top weekly materials research journal. Online hosting of Soft Matter in three additional RSC titles (Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics and Lab on a Chip) ensured the new journal received maximum attention from a broad and interdisciplinary audience right from the beginning.

These efforts have been fruitful: Soft Matter is already recognised as a major player in the soft matter field. Editor, Carol Stanier explains, "The move away from publication with Journal of Materials Chemistry is just one small step in our evolution but with far reaching effects for research in the soft matter community. We believe our journal has made a giant leap in bridging the gap between researchers working at the fringes of the traditional disciplines of physics, chemistry, and biology."


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