NASA announces media update on Africa hurricane mission

The NASA African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Activities 2006 will run from August through September. Participants will include NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, various research institutions and universities.

Researchers will investigate tropical storms and hurricanes in the eastern Atlantic Ocean and West Africa, including Senegal and the Cape Verde Islands. They will use airborne sensors, numerical models and satellite data.

Briefing participants:

  • Ramesh Kakar, weather focus area leader, NASA headquarters, Washington

  • Jeff Halverson, hurricane scientist, Halverson Scientific Consulting, Olney, Md.

  • Gregory Jenkins, associate professor and graduate director, Howard University, Washington

  • Jason Dunion, director, NOAA Hurricane Research Division 2006 Hurricane Field Program, Miami


To participate reporters may dial into the teleconference at: 877-915-2768 or 210-234-0009; passcode "Hurricane." Audio of the event will be streamed live at:

For information about NASA hurricane research and missions, visit:

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