The European Research Council: Who are the movers and shakers?

Journalists are warmly invited to attend a seminar entitled: "The European Research Council (ERC): who are the movers and shakers?" which will take place on Sunday 16 July from 9h45 to 11h15 (Location: Forum am Deutschen Museum, Kino 2, Munich, Germany).

Participating in this seminar will be: Prof. Fotis Kafatos, Chairman of the ERC Scientific Council (GR); and Prof. Helga Nowotny, Vice-Chair of the ERC Scientific Council (AT).

For more information or to arrange an interview with members of the ERC Scientific Council, please contact: Carla PALMIERI, European Commission, [+32 495.95.5553]



The ERC is an unprecedented initiative designed to boost excellence in science, technology and the humanities through the creation of a new autonomous funding mechanism to support research at the frontiers of science. Projects for funding will be selected solely on the basis of excellence through pan-European competition.

The ERC Scientific Council is the policy-setting supervisory body of the ERC. It will act on behalf of the scientific community in Europe to direct the scientific strategy and oversee the operational management of the ERC, including the selection of proposals and funding decisions. It will also ensure the independence and transparency of the ERC's operations.

Further information on the ERC and the activities of the Scientific Council can be found at:

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