Stevens and Monmouth Presidents to co-chair ASBPA National Scientific Shore and Beach Conference

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Dr. Harold J. Raveché, president of Stevens Institute of Technology and Vice Adm. Paul G. Gaffney II, president of Monmouth University, West Long Branch, N.J., will serve as honorary co-chairs for the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association Annual Fall Conference to be held at the Ocean Place Resort and Spa, Long Branch, from Oct. 9 to 11.

The international forum on ocean and coastal issues will mark the 80th anniversary of ASBPA, which was formed in New Jersey. The Jersey Shore Partnership, New Jersey's leading advocacy organization for shore issues, is a member of ASBPA and is helping to host the conference.

The conference will feature national and international scientists and scholars in the fields of oceanography, the coastal environment, beach preservation and other issues of importance to the shore communities and the millions of people who live near, or benefit from, the coastal environment. The ASBPA ( is the pre-eminent national coastal advocacy organization, which works on issues unique to shore states.

Stevens Institute has accomplished ground breaking work concerning the interaction of environmental systems and in research involving maritime systems, including port and harbor security. The Institute has been actively involved in researching and evaluating methods of shore protection and structures that will prolong beach replenishment and has led the way in ocean and coastal research.

Stevens has provided technical assistance to shore municipalities to study problems of shore protection and to find alternatives to protect beaches and property from storm damage. The Institute works with New Jersey Sea Grant on educational and outreach programs on shore issues. It also is a leader in the integrated coastal observing and monitoring system that provides hourly information on the coast, shoreline erosion and beach action.

"Ocean and coastal engineering are part of a long tradition at Stevens Institute of Technology, and I am honored to be co-chairing this year's ASBPA conference," said Dr. Raveché. "Stevens' Center for Maritime Systems and Center for Environmental Systems represent an interdisciplinary approach to tackling major challenges faced by coastal states like New Jersey. Our Urban Ocean Observatory and New York Harbor Observing and Prediction System have been established to permit an integrated assessment of ocean, weather, environmental, and vessel traffic conditions throughout the New York Harbor and Hudson River estuary regions, with data and analysis provided in real-time via the Internet, to facilitate efforts to preserve and protect the region's coasts and waterways."

Monmouth University recently created the Urban Coast Institute headed by Tony MacDonald to study the interaction between the coastal environment and urban and suburban communities. President Gaffney served on the United States Ocean Policy Commission, the first comprehensive review of ocean issues and policies conducted in several decades. His career in the Navy focused on oceanography, research administration and education.

"I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to serve as co-chair of the ASBPA annual meeting," President Gaffney said. "No state in the nation has a greater stake in beaches and shoreline than New Jersey. Coastlines protect lives and protect property, support healthy living marine resources, and provide recreational and tourism opportunity for millions of people. New Jersey's beaches are a national treasure which have been, and with support of organizations like ASBPA will continue to be, a destination for families for generations to come."

Tony MacDonald, director of the Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute, who will participate in the annual conference, added, "The frequency and intensity of coastal storms is predicted to increase in coming years, while the demands for increased recreational opportunities and coastal development continue unabated, placing pressure on coastal resources and communities. The Urban Coast Institute at Monmouth University serves as a forum to build bridges among scientists, public policy makers and the public to help resolve the resulting conflicts that arise along the coast. The ASBPA Annual Meeting will bring together international, national and local experts to identify best practices for beach management that support both healthy coastal ecosystems and a vibrant economy."


The Partnership, a not-for-profit, nonpartisan organization based on Sandy Hook, was founded after the Halloween storm of 1991. The Partnership is an independent partner of New Jersey Business and Industry Association and its more than 21,000 member companies. Additional information about the Partnership and shore issues can be found at the Partnership's website,

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