Ferracane to receive Wilmer Souder Award from IADR

The 2006 Wilmer Souder Award for research in the field of dental biomaterials science is being presented today by the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) to Dr. Jack Ferracane, Professor and Chair of Restorative Dentistry and Director of the Division of Biomaterials and Biomechanics at Oregon Health and Science University School of Dentistry (Portland).

Dr. Ferracane has made major contributions in the area of dental composites, particularly in the influence of resin matrix chemistry and filler composition on the fracture, wear, shrinkage, fatigue, and clinical performance of composites. He did pioneering work with Dr. Evan Greener at Northwestern University on the development of Fourier transform infrared techniques for measuring the conversion of monomers to polymers and how their mechanical properties are changed. He is also an expert on the behavior of mercury in amalgam.

Dr. Ferracane is not only an outstanding researcher but also an outstanding teacher. Although he does not have a dental degree, he is so highly respected by clinicians that he was named Chairman of Restorative Dentistry at OHSU in 2003. General practitioners have also benefited from the numerous continuing education presentations he has made on various topics in dental materials. He has served as a member of NIH Study Sections and on the editorial boards of several journals. Dr. Ferracane has been an outstanding member of the dental materials community through his research, teaching, and service to the profession.

Initiated in 1955, the Wilmer Souder Award is the oldest of the IADR's 15 Distinguished Scientist Awards. The award honors Dr. Wilmer Souder, the motivating force in establishing the Dental Section at the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology), and is designed to perpetuate the scientific ideals he exemplified, and to encourage interest in dental materials science.

The award is made on the basis of scientific achievement of outstanding quality that has advanced or may reasonably be expected to advance significant dental service to the public. It is intended to confer the highest honor in the field of dental materials research upon those scientists who, through research in this field, bring about outstanding advances in dental health. The award was established by the IADR's Dental Materials Group and is supported by the William T. Sweeney Memorial Fund and the Group.

Dr. Ferracane receives his award during the Opening Ceremonies of the 84th General Session of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR), convening at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.


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