Stevens Institute of Technology Roundtable

Grasso, a Stevens professor, hosted notable industry experts

HOBOKEN, N.J. -- Dr. S. Vincent Grasso, an adjunct professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Stevens Institute of Technology and founder of Technology Integrations for Medical Applications Inc. (TIMA), and Thomas Cattabiani, special lecturer in chemistry and chemical ciology, co-hosted a roundtable discussion at Stevens concerning Advanced Data Security and Audit Protocols for Electronic Medical Records with the intention of creating a research lab at Stevens for addressing these issues.

Several of the round table's notable guests included William L. Anderson, president and CEO of Cryptek; J. Anthony Forstmann of Forstmann and Co.; Brian Lichtlin, CEO of Medappz; and Charles McElwee, director of healthcare services for Data Processing Solutions.

A recent article in Healthcare IT News reported via the results of an online survey of security and information, security officers covering the gap between risks and threats to information and protocols to address these issues. In the healthcare industry, 46 percent of respondents perceived the gap as widening, while only 25 percent of executives in the financial and IT industries viewed it so.

Information security executives ranked current employees (59 percent) as the greatest threat to their organizations' security, followed by terminated employees (43 percent), trusted third parties (37 percent) and external sources (27 percent).

The recent mishandlings and theft of personal data from approximately 26 million US veterans and a major online travel booking organization, due to an employee and third-party consulting respectively, is alarming and reinforces the above finding via the conducted survey.

Concerning the theft of medical data, it is surprising to note that in Colorado, it is considered only a Class 6 Felony, ranking it slightly higher than a misdemeanor.

The panel at Stevens concluded that a more stringent protocol for assuring as best as possible the integrity and security of medical data requires a more integrated relationship between the various aspects of the network, hosting and storing of medical records. An approach more consistent with governmental standards may be required, extending the guidelines of HIPAA even further.

"The merger of a robust systems integration of hardware, software, network, telecom, and audit components with encryption, data control and access centralization, extends the security umbrella for any system, and certainly is of value to the healthcare vertical," said Anderson, president and CEO of Cryptek Inc., a Virginia-based company providing government agencies and Fortune 2000 companies with proven, successful and cost-effective solutions to protect against internal computer threats and the enormous costs associated with at-risk financial information, personal information, and other valuable and sensitive data.

Medappz has developed a product called the Clinical Agent, an electronic medical record and computer provider order entry system for ambulatory-care providers. The Clinical Agent is offered via the ASP model.


Forstmann & Co, a merchant banking firm, was founded by Forstmann in 1987. He co-founded Forstmann Leff Associates, the country's second hedge fund, in 1967, and is currently a special limited partner at Forstmann Little & Co. Forstmann is a director of many boards, including Citadel Broadcasting.

Data Processing Solutions offers services that range from industry-specific enterprise software and custom application development to networking, web development, application hosting and security solutions. Their healthcare focus consists of developing custom transaction translator and claims processing components.

About Technology Integrations for Medical Applications Inc.

TIMA is a software development company enabling a wide range of private, secure, fully audited, and distributed healthcare services to be transacted efficiently and effectively within its Healthcare Enterprise Portal. The TIMA platform fuses information flow and business logic across a wide and integrated network enabling healthcare related services to be delivered within a disruptive pricing model with at least an order of magnitude of advantage concerning price and performance.

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