A 'Guinness book' of biological records

Now in available in English: Amazing Numbers in Biology

The number of hairs on a human head? Depends whether you're blond or brunette. How does your blood pressure compare to that of a dog's? How many centimeters does a bamboo shoot grow a day? With hundreds of tables and over 10,000 entries, Amazing Numbers in Biology by Rainer Flindt helps and entertains anyone with a curious mind. Providing comparative data from the fields of zoology, botany, microbiology, and human biology, science comes alive in this clearly laid out presentation of the plain facts of life.

Teachers at schools, colleges, and universities often require a quick resource to comparative data. Studies have shown that students' questions are usually morphological in character, involving properties such as body size and weight. The tables presented here were compiled to put an end to the time-consuming search for such data. None of those figures or superlatives that might seem exotic to the layman is left out.

Much of the data, due to its nature, has long been known and is thus found primarily in older literature, which is not always easy to procure; the most recent research findings, however, have also been incorporated. Even though these tables, given their specialized topics, are chiefly aimed at biologists, most of them offer the lay reader many items of interest.

Amazing Numbers in Biology was translated from the 6th German edition. Rainer Flindt is a professor at the Pedagogical University of Ludwigsburg, Germany. He specializes in training biology teachers.


Rainer Flindt
Amazing Numbers in Biology
Springer 2006, 295 pp.
Softcover EUR 29.95, 19.95, $29.95, sFr 54.50
ISBN: 3-540-30146-1

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