Chances for better care for addicts

Recently six scientific studies have been published on better care for addicts. The studies were carried out on behalf of ZonMW (Netherlands Organisation for Health Research) and NWO. They provide an overview of the current scientific knowledge about important themes in addiction. The studies provide perspectives for policy, research and practice.

The six studies in brief:

1. Chances for vulnerable young people
Genetic relationship between addiction and antisocial behaviour

2. Chances for better care for addicts with multiple psychological problems
Patients benefit from an integrated treatment

3. Chances for prevention among young people
More effective prevention programmes available

4. Chances for better care for justiciable addicts
Cooperation judiciary and addiction care provides added benefits

5. Chances for medication
Link between animal experimental addiction research and human addiction research provides perspectives

6. Chances for alcoholics
Addiction not always chronic


Last reviewed: By John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on 30 Apr 2016
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