2006 European eHealth Conference and Exhibition unveils in Malaga, Spain

Global leaders from government and industry will gather at conference to highlight the future of e-based healthcare utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Malaga, May 4, 2006 The 2006 European eHealth Conference and Exhibition will bring together leaders in the field of eHealth from around the world to shape policies, share best practices, introduce new technology and foster strategic innovation in the new world of eHealthcare May 10-12 in Malaga, Spain. Organized through a partnership between the European Commission, the Austrian Presidency of the European Union, the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, and the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Health, the meeting will offer unique insight into the future of technology-driven healthcare.

Nearly 200 thought leaders in the fields of health and ICT will explore a variety of issues regarding the application of ICT to the healthcare industry. These experts will discuss subjects such as individual electronic health cards containing complete medical records, the electronic prescription, interoperability of non-compatible technology, highly sophisticated portable/implantable devices, and new health-related mobile information platforms. Expert speakers from the United States Include:

Dr. Scott Young from the Agency for Health Research and Quality a division of the Department of Health and Human Services will speak on Benefits of ICT for Patient Safety The Research Agenda.

Mr. Jeffrey Miller, Vice President of Worldwide Health and Life Sciences at Hewlett Packard, will participate in eHealth Matters The Strategies and Views of eHealth Industrial Leaders.

Mrs. Bushko Renata, Director of the Future of Health Technology Institute, will participate in eHealth and New Dilemmas in Social Values Global Trends and Perspectives.

"We will explore advances in the area of eHealth that contribute to the improvement of the health and the quality of life of citizens," said Juan Reig, Chairman of the conference. "From internet tools such as health information portals for users to highly sophisticated portable or implantable devices, like those that monitor blood pressure or blood sugar levels embedded in intelligent clothing," explained Juan Reig, Chairman of the eHealth 2006 Conference.

The annual eHealth Conference, which began in 2003, was conceived as an exchange platform for participating members to share experiences and learn about the implementation of eHealth policies in different European regions. To facilitate the objective this year, the content of the conference is structured around the following areas:

The role of eHealth in health care policies: Determining policies related to health, healthy habits, population aging, online care systems, situations of dependence, systems for the distribution and dissemination of information, new working environments and education/training.

Technical aspects: Interoperability and interconnection between the networks from different regions; citizen, patient and professional mobility; and international cooperation.

Citizens: New ways of participating, technological instruments, information about health, websites and internet portals related to health issues, free resources, disability and dependency.

Future strategies and policies: Health challenges in 2010 Europe; analysis of prior studies, the "2010" initiative*, the 7th Framework Program, regional and national research projects, strategic objectives for research and innovation and new technologies.

This year, the eHealth Conference introduces a new component participants will have the opportunity to make onsite visits to several research centers, hospitals and clinics that are currently developing or implementing eHealth projects in Andalusia as well as in other Spanish regions.

*The Clock is Ticking Only Four Years Until the 2010 Interoperability Deadline

Since 2003, the European Commission has supported these eHealth conferences as a way to strengthen the exchange of experiences between political officers, experts and other stakeholders in the field of eHealth. This year's conference ensures the continuity of the previous conference editions 2005 (Tromso, Norway), 2004 (Cork, Ireland) and 2003 (Brussels, Belgium). It will also allow participants to evaluate the intermediate results obtained and the future activities of the Public Health Work Program and the eHealth Action Plan in the different member states.

Last year's eHealth Conference focused on the role of eHealth to help facilitate a patient's mobility through different countries, support more efficient health care services, create better health information systems and improve the quality of health care and the safety of patients. The Health Ministers of the EU and the European Commission established 2010 as the deadline to develop an integrated eHealth system characterized by its interoperability and compatibility with the various national health systems based on the new technologies at the service of the European citizens.


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