New name, enduring mission

Announcing the Association for Psychological Science

Washington, D.C., May 25--The Association for Psychological Science will be showcasing its new name but reasserting its original identity at its 18th annual meeting this week in New York City. Both the recent name change and this year's program underscore the association's fundamental commitment to supporting and disseminating scientific research on human behavior.

APS was founded in 1988 as the American Psychological Society to provide a distinct voice for psychological science. Its membership, consisting largely of research scientists and teachers, has grown steadily since 1988, and is now approaching 17,000. The members overwhelmingly approved the new name to better clarify the organization's scientific mission. APS President Michael S. Gazzaniga noted of the change: "The American Psychological Society was formed to develop a sustained message about the importance of science in people's daily lives and to emphasize the role of basic research in the study of behavior. As the Association for Psychological Science, that mission becomes clearer."

The 2006 convention's program demonstrates the APS commitment to psychological science and human welfare. Scientists will be reporting on a rich array of research topics--from eyewitness testimony to obesity to childhood imagination. In addition, for the first time leading experts have been invited to report on three major research themes: the psychology of terrorism, memory and consciousness, and brain changes through the lifespan.

The new name also emphasizes the growing international presence of APS. Many of the record-breaking 3500+ attendees at this year's gathering work outside the U.S. Says Alan G. Kraut, PhD, founding executive director of APS: "The new name quickly communicates who we are--no tagline needed--and lowers what may have been perceived as a barrier to those who share APS values internationally."


Research on these topics and others is published in the association's four scientific journals, including the newly launched Perspectives on Psychological Science. For additional information about APS, visit our website at For information about press registration for the convention or to find out more about any of the presenters, please contact Wray Herbert, Director of Public Affairs, [email protected].

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