New book looks at menstrual disorders in primary care

Latest in women's health series from American College of Physicians

PHILADELPHIA -- (May 24, 2006) Many menstrual irregularities can be traced to medical problems that, if left unresolved, can profoundly affect women's health. Moreover, many menstrual disorders can and should be managed by primary care physicians. To help internists and other primary care providers treat the medical causes and implications of menstrual disorders, ACP this spring released the latest title in its acclaimed Women's Health book series, "Menstrual Disorders."

The book provides a detailed discussion of the range of menstrual disorders that patients may experience from menarche through menopause and the relationship between menstrual disorders and other medical illnesses.

"It is the first book on menstrual disorders that my co-editors and I are aware of that blends the fields of gynecology, adolescent medicine, internal medicine and other medical subspecialties into one comprehensive, integrated volume," said Deborah B. Ehrenthal, MD, FACP, assistant residency program director for the obstetrics and gynecology program at Christiana Care Health System in Wilmington, Del.

Dr. Ehrenthal co-edited the book with Matthew K. Hoffman, MD, MPH, FACOG, of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Christiana Care Health System and Paula J. Adams Hilliard, MD, of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

"Menstrual Disorders" covers menstrual, contraceptive and reproductive issues for women with chronic medical problems. These issues affect a growing number of patients being cared for by internists.

The book includes chapters on caring for women with polycystic ovary syndrome and on the complex menstrual and contraceptive management of women with disabilities. One chapter guides clinicians through the evaluation and management of bleeding disorders, including von Willebrand's Disease. The book also provides an overview of procedures used in managing abnormal uterine bleeding, with old and new treatment modalities including endometrial ablation and uterine artery embolization.

"Menstrual Disorders" is available from the American College of Physicians. Contact the ACP Customer Service Department: [email protected]; or phone 215-351-2600 (M-F, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. ET). The ACP product number is 330351050. List price is $45.00; ACP members pay $40.00. The softcover book has 262 pages.

The ACP Women's Health Series provides in-depth coverage of diseases, disorders, and health and wellness issues unique to female patients. The series gives physicians the knowledge they need to optimize patient care, from the initial approach to the patient through diagnosis, treatment and long-term management. Other titles include, "Breast Health and Common Breast Problems: A Practical Approach," "Coronary Artery Disease in Women," and "Medical Care of the Pregnant Patient."


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