Scientists in trouble: Russia, Iran, and elsewhere

2006 APS-Physics April meeting in Dallas

The battle for protecting the human rights of scientists did not end with the Former Soviet Union -- it is still going on today. APS Past President Andy Sessler (, chair of session L6, will present a few illustrative cases of at-risk scholars who have been fully assisted and others still needing help.

Human-rights activist and Cornell senior scientist Yuri Orlov (, one of the early defenders of Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov and the first recipient of the new APS Sakharov Prize (to be given at session S6), will offer personal reflections. Hadi Hadizadeh (, now at Ohio University, is an Iranian physicist who was sentenced to over 8 years of prison for advocating democracy and openness.

Hadizadeh will describe the closed-door trials that he and fellow scholars experienced in Iran.

nother talk will focus on the Scholars at Risk Network (SAR), an academic coalition now headquartered at New York University ( SAR director Robert Quinn (, will explain the SAR's efforts to provide refuge for scientists persecuted in their home countries.


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