Subtle cosmic forces

APS-Physics April meeting in Dallas

Lorentz invariance expresses the proposition that the laws of physics are the same for different observers.

This all-important principle is a pillar of the theory of special relativity and has been validated in all experiments so far.

Eric Adelberger (paper E6.1) and Claire Cramer (H14.1) of the University of Washington will report on their efforts, using a torsion pendulum, to look for various departures from the physics norm, even at the energy scale of 10^-21 eV.

Meanwhile, Dennis Danielson (B5.1) of the University of British Columbia will look at comparable cosmic inquiries carried out 23 centuries ago by ancient Greeks, who used no apparatus but only the power of reasoning. He will address the question of "Why it took so long for Aristotle to die."


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