Magnetar seismology

2006 APS-Physics April meeting in Dallas

Magnetars are neutron stars featuring colossal magnetic fields, as high as 10^15 gauss. These fields might be strong enough to crack the crusts of the stars and this could be the source of the huge energy bursts coming to Earth from these dynamic objects.

One such event in 1998 and one in December 2004 are believed to have dispatched the largest batch of radiation to be detected from outside the solar system.

Tod Strohmayer of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (session X3.2, [email protected]) will show how the detailed trace of X-rays arriving from magnetars can be converted into seismic modes shaking the star and how properties of the star's crust can be deduced.

He will present fresh analysis of the 1998 and 2004 events, including identification of additional vibrational modes.


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