Furtive nuclear activity

APS-Physics April meeting in Dallas

Paul Richards ([email protected]) of Columbia University will describe techniques for picking out nuclear detonations from seismic data packed with thousands of daily events caused by earthquakes and chemical explosions.

Richards will also be collecting the APS Szilard Award for his work in this area on Monday in session S4.

Nathanial Bowden ([email protected]) and his colleagues at Sandia National Laboratory propose to keep an eye on reactors and th-eir stockpiles of plutonium by detecting elusive antineutrinos that fission reactions emit. The novel reactor safeguard tool is the subject of Bowden's talk in session B8.

Finally, Edward Hartouni ([email protected]) of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory will discuss some of the short-comings in methods for detecting radioactive materials, biological threats, chemical weapons, and explosives and how they could be made more effective for ensuring national and international security (session C10).


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