SAGE launches research journal focusing on women, girls, and crime

SAGE Publications, in association with the Division on Women and Crime of the American Society of Criminology, is pleased to launch a new international journal, Feminist Criminology. Edited by Susan F. Sharp at the University of Oklahoma, this quarterly journal will focus on research and theory highlighting the gendered nature of crime.

Recognizing the development and expanse of criminological research and theory over the past three decades that places women and girls at the center of analyses, the main aim of Feminist Criminology will be to focus on research related to women, girls and crime, including:

  • Research on women working in the criminal justice profession
  • Girls and women as offenders and how they are dealt with in the criminal justice system
  • Girls and women as victims
  • Theories and tests of theories related to girls, women, and crime
  • Girls, women, and the justice system

"Prior to the late 1960s," writes Sharp in the inaugural issue, "most criminological theory was based on research focusing on the behaviors and experiences of males. Thus, the study of crime became equated with the study of male criminality. Overall, mainstream criminological journals still appear to place minimal importance on feminist approaches to the study of crime and the criminal justice system."

Feminist Criminology will highlight research recognizing that the paths to crime differ for males and females. Research often fails to illuminate the factors predicting female criminality. This journal will demonstrate the gendered nature of crime and responses to crime. The main focus of the journal will be empirical research and theory, as well as practice-oriented writings.


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