Stevens to kick off alliance with e-security leader GLESEC

Partnership will investigate the security risks in e-business

HOBOKEN, N.J.-- Stevens Institute of Technology will hold a talk, "Information Security and Risk Management Approach - A GLESEC Perspective," on April 4 to kick off the School of Sciences and Arts' collaboration with GLESEC, a global e-security firm founded by Stevens alumnus Sergio Heker. The event will take place at 10:30 a.m. in Stevens' Skyline Suite, fourth floor of the Wesley J. Howe building. This kick-off meeting will serve to bring together GLESEC and members of Stevens' Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science departments in the formation of partnership of a research center at Stevens.

"In this talk we will present the security risks that organizations face as they move strongly into e-business and the use of the Internet for communications, information sharing and particularly securing their assets," said Susanne Wetzel, Assistant Professor of Computer Science. The problems presented are the combination of information security risks along with the inadequacy of how these risks are seen and addressed by the organization. "We will further present an approach that is based on risk-management methodology to quantify the risk, dealing with its dynamic nature and the justification for reducing it through technologies and services offered as part of the GLESEC model/solution," said Wetzel.

Sergio Heker, founder and CEO of GLESEC, was part of the original team that managed the National Science Foundation Network (NSFnet). An Internet veteran with more than 20 years of experience, Heker was actively involved in ISP, e-business and e-security contributing to the industry in numerous opportunities such as being instrumental in stopping the first Internet worm (Morris worm), testifying to a US Congressional Hearing on information security to becoming Check Point Software's first partner and the first to deploy a managed security service in North as well as Latin America. He carries this experience to GLESEC and along with a team of committed expert individuals has created a security firm with a unique approach to information security.

"This partnership signals a direction Stevens is taking toward creating a university of the future, in which the capacity for creative inventiveness and excellence in education and research carry equal weight in terms of career achievement," said Erich Kunhardt, Dean of the School of Sciences and Arts. "The collaboration of cutting-edge industrial entrepreneurs with pioneering academic researchers is a model that will guarantee American technology leadership in the new century."


GLESEC aims to be the preferred information security partner for organizations worldwide, and to deliver products and services that meet the business needs of its clients with security, quality and expediency. GLESEC's team has operated Internet services in countries around the world including: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Sri-Lanka, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, the US and Canada. For more information, visit

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