Webcast: Islam and Bioethics Conference

Real time webcasting of the speakers scheduled for the conference on "Islam and Bioethics: concerns, challenges and responses" March 27-28 at Penn State will be available. Anyone with high-speed internet access may view the conference proceedings and type in questions for presenters. Selected questions will be read out by the moderator of the session. Recordings will be maintained on this Web site for future viewing as well.

The conference is attracting scholars, researchers and physicians from 10 different countries, including the U.S., Germany, and Pakistan.Conference presentations will focus on a wide range of issues, from fertility clinics to proper care of dying patients.


The web broadcast is at:
http://live.libraries.psu.edu/mediasite/viewer/FrontEnd/Front.aspx?&shouldResize=False choose the left hand button "Islam and Bioetics to access the broadcasts.

The program information is at:

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