Polymer reaction engineering

New polymerization systems, polymerization fundamentals, industrial applications, modeling and control

ECI is pleased to announce its sixth conference on Polymer Reaction Engineering (PRE VI), to be held at the Halifax Delta Hotel and Conference Center in Halifax, Canada from May 21-26, 2006.

Speakers and attendees will come from several sectors of academia and industry. The conference chair for PRE VI is Professor Robin A. Hutchinson (Queen's University); co-chairs are Dr. Michael Muhle (ExxonMobil Chemical Co.) and Professor Alex Penlidis (University of Waterloo).

A special session on Polymer Reaction Engineering and Industrial Process Innovation is chaired by K.D. Hungenberg (BASF, Germany) and A. Penlidis (University of Waterloo, Canada). The session will feature industry and academic leaders including Reudiger Carloff (Degussa, Germany), Ken Leffew (Dupont, USA), and Ken Malone (University of Southern Mississippi, USA). The conference plenary lecture by Thomas Bott (BASF, Germany) on the Innovation Chain at BASF is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Technical sessions will be held on:

  • Polymer Fundamentals (Chairs: M. Cunningham & J. Kosek);
  • New Mathematical Modeling Techniques (Chairs: J. Asua & K.Y. Choi);
  • Process Monitoring and Control / On-Line Sensors (Chairs: T.F. McKenna & J.C. Pinto);
  • New Polymerization Systems (Chairs: W.H. Ray & M. Morbidelli), and
  • Industrial Applications and Process Intensification (Chairs: M. Grady & M. Bartke)

The format adopted for the invited oral presentations (30-minute talks followed by 15 minutes of discussions with no parallel sessions) is designed to stimulate the free exchange of ideas among the participants and has been very successful in the previous conferences.


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