EUREKA congratulates Amadeus Group IT SA on receiving award

On 10 March, during the CeBIT fair, the EUREKA Initiative was proud to learn that Amadeus Group IT SA, the company behind project E! 328 AMADEUS, was awarded a platinum seal acknowledging its excellent track record in innovative marketing. Every year, this award is bestowed by the members of the European Multimedia Associations Convention (EMMAC).

Achieving such high levels of excellence, E! 328 AMADEUS has become one of the largest computerised booking systems, enabling some 67,000 travel agency locations and around 10,000 airline sales offices around the world to make bookings with around 490 airlines, 51,000 hotel properties and some 45 car rental companies serving over 29,000 locations. "More travel bookings are made through E! 328 AMADEUS than any other system" says José Antonio Tazón, president and CEO of Amadeus Global Travel Distribution. "Thanks to this system, travel agents and their customers have access to a global network of travel service providers, together with the reassurance of being able to make immediate bookings at guaranteed prices."

Easier access to information for customers and vendors

Amadeus Group IT SA has set the standard for the travel industry by developing innovative and user-friendly products, establishing a presence around the world through the opening NMCs and regional offices, and creating an online presence for itself as well. All its products and services were specially designed to facilitate travel arrangements for both leisure and corporate travel. The beneficial effects are visible at every level as customers gain direct access to a greater amount of information and vendors improve products in a world of growing competition and customer sophistication. Flexible and adaptable, the technical framework is founded on industry standard products which have an open-ended modular design meaning that software improvements can be implemented in a cost-effective way suitable to upgrade technical and functional needs.

A trusted technology partner

Initially, the project was founded in 1987 when AIR FRANCE, IBERIA, LUFTHANSA and SAS pooled resources, developed markets and operated a European-based global computerised distribution system that met international standards and requirements. History reveals that Amadeus' greatest strength is forming successful partnerships. Working with those immersed in the business of travel and tourism, the company has been able to design winning solutions for travel booking and management. Its open and communicative style continues to attract top industry players who are serious and choosing a trustworthy and experienced companion. "Our seal winners are very successful companies which understand the importance of producing for a market. This attention to marketing is what we intend to highlight by distinguishing them with a seal of excellence. Our winners are successful and, as such, are natural job creators" says Philippe Wacker, Secretary General of the European Media Forum.


More information: Julia Scott
Corporate and Marketing Communication, Amadeus s.a
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