Keynoters, symposia, workshops highlight joint dental research and education meeting

Following is a summary of the keynote presentations, symposia, and workshops that will anchor the first Joint Meeting of the American Association for Dental Research and the American Dental Education Association, convening March 8 at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Hotels. (All presentations are in the Dolphin Hotel unless otherwise noted.)

Keynote Presentations

Wednesday, March 8

  • "Novel Monomers for Dental Restorative Materials", C.N. Bowman (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA), 2:30 p.m., America's Seminar

  • "Rescue of Dmp1-deficient Mice by Transgenic Re-expression of Dmp1 under Different Promoters Reveals Multiple Functions of DMP1 in Tooth and Bone Formation", J. Feng (University of Missouri-Kansas City, USA), 2:30 p.m., Asia 2

    Thursday, March 9

  • "Factors Affecting the Ability of Curing Lights to Polymerize Dental Resins", R. Price (Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, Canada), 9 a.m., Southern Hemisphere III

  • "Mucosal Immune Response to S. mutans GbpB: Potential for Caries Protection", D. Smith (Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA), 9 a.m., America's Seminar

  • "Nutrition and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Oral Health", C. Enwonwu (University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA), 9 a.m., Asia 3

  • "Third Molar Surgery and Post-operative Mandibular Defects", T.B. Dodson (Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA), 9 a.m., Asia 1

  • "Synergistic and Antagonistic Interactions between Msx1 and Dlx5 in Regulating Craniofacial Morphogenesis", Y. Chai (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA), 10:45 a.m., Southern Hemisphere V

  • "Alternative Remineralizing Treatments for Preventive and Restorative Dentistry", S.H. Dickens (American Dental Association Foundation, Gaithersburg, MD, USA), 10:45 a.m., Southern Hemisphere III

  • "What Can Epidemiology Contribute to Geriatric Oral Health Care and Research?" W.M. Thomson (University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand), 10:45 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-2

  • "Cell Signaling and Salivary Gland Dysfunction", M.E. Reyland (University of Colorado, Aurora, USA), 10:45 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-1

    Friday, March 10

  • "Establishing and Assessing Dentin-bonded Interfaces", P.N.R. Pereira (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA), 9 a.m., Southern Hemisphere III

  • "Chemotherapeutics: the 21st Century", S.G. Ciancio (SUNY at Buffalo, NY, USA), 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-3

  • "Important Factors in Conducting Clinical Trials of Dental Materials", M.A. Latta (Creighton University - School of Dentistry, Omaha, NE, USA), 10:45 a.m., Southern Hemisphere III

  • "Acquisition of Eukaryotic Genes by Bacteria: a Hybrid Eukaryotic-Prokaryotic Phospholipid Pathway in Treponema", J.C. Fenno (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA), 10:45 a.m., America's Seminar

  • "Classification of Chronic Orofacial Pain: What to Wear until the New Genes Arrive", S.F. Dworkin (University of Washington, Seattle, USA), 10:45 a.m., Northern Hemisphere E-3

    Saturday, March 11

  • "Sealing Teeth with Artificial Enamel", N. Nakabayashi (Tokyo Medical and Dental, Matsudo-shi, Japan), 9 a.m., Southern Hemisphere III

  • "Oral Health Research: Providing Solutions for Attaining and Maintaining Oral and General Health", N. Williams (University of Tennessee, Memphis, USA), 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-1


    Wednesday, March 8

  • [ADEA] "Dental GME after the CMS Rule", 10 a.m., Swan 3-4, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "How Drug-induced Oral Diseases Affect Health and Well-being: Why Evidence-based Research Must Continue", 10:30 a.m., Southern Hemisphere IV

  • [JOINT] "Publication Practices and Data Sharing", 10:30 a.m., Southern Hemisphere V

  • [AADR] "Inflammation, Wound Healing, and Scar Formation", 2:30 p.m., Northern Hemisphere A-4

    Thursday, March 9

  • [AADR] "Fluoride and Caries Decline", 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-4

  • [AADR] "Marginal Quality of Restorations", 9 a.m., Oceanic

  • [JOINT] "Models for Integration of Research and Scholarship within the Dental Curriculum", 9 a.m., Southern Hemisphere V

  • [AADR] "Essentials of Grant Writing", 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-3

  • [ADEA] "Disaster Planning for Institutions: Lessons from Katrina", 10 a.m., Swan 5, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Town Hall: The Threat to Federal Funding for Dental Education and Research", 10:30 a.m., Swan 1-2, Swan Hotel

  • [AADR] "Development of Self-reported Measures for Surveillance of Periodontitis", 10:45 a.m., Asia 3

  • [ADEA] Community-based Dental Education: The Key to Successful Programs, 1 p.m., Swan 1-2, Swan Hotel

  • [ADEA] "Core Curricula in Advanced Education Programs in Dentistry: What is the Best Model?", 1:30 p.m., Swan 3-4, Swan Hotel

  • [ADEA] "Professional Promises: Hopes and Gaps in Access to Care", 2:30 p.m., Swan 5, Swan Hotel

    Friday, March 10

  • [AADR] "Color in Dentistry at the Crossroads", 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-4

  • [AADR] "Live and Static Imaging of Mineralized Tissues", 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere E-2

  • [JOINT] "Reducing Oral Health Disparities: Achieving Healthy People 2010 Objectives", 9 a.m., Asia 3

  • [AADR] "From 'R' to 'D': The ABC's of Product Development", 9 a.m., Asia 2

  • [ADEA] "Students' Perspectives Project", 10 a.m., Swan 3, Swan Hotel

  • [ADEA] "State Oral Health Programs: Strategic Direction to Meet Oral Health Needs", 10 a.m., Swan 1, Swan Hotel

  • [ADEA] "Development of an Evidentiary Basis for the Use of Enteral Sedation and Training", 10 a.m., Swan 6, Swan Hotel

  • [ADEA] "Nutrition & Oral Health in the Aging Aged: Research & Implications for Clinical Dental Education", 10 a.m., Swan 5, Swan Hotel

  • [AADR] "Genetic Diseases Affecting Primarily the Dentition", 10:45 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-4

  • [AADR] "Medical/Dental Insurance Databases and Drug Safety Surveillance", 10:45 a.m., Asia 3

  • [AADR] "Recent Advancements in Understanding the Etiology of Cleft Lip and Facial Development", 10:45 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-3

  • [ADEA] "The Millennials Go to Dental School: Implications for Admissions through Residency", 1:30 p.m., Swan 5, Swan Hotel

  • [ADEA] "Organizational Use of an Electronic Clinic Management System", 2:30 p.m., Mockingbird, Swan Hotel

    Saturday, March 11

  • [AADR] "Emerging Technology--Toward an Integrated Approach for Health Promotion", 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-4

  • [AADR] "Viral Pathogens in Periodontitis and Other Oral Disease", 9 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-3

  • [JOINT] "Caries Management: Transitioning from Education and Research to Improve Patient Care", 9 a.m., Asia 3

  • [ADEA] "Dentistry for a Diverse Society", 10 a.m., Swan 6, Swan Hotel

  • [AADR] "The Tumor Microenvironment in Cancer Progression", 10:45 a.m., Northern Hemisphere A-4

  • [ADEA] "Institutional Vitality, Financial Health, and the System of Dental Education", 1:30 p.m., Swan 6, Swan Hotel

    Faculty Development Workshops

  • [JOINT] "Academic Coaching and Its Application to One-on-One Teaching, Mentoring, and Leadership", 2 p.m., Swan 10, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Creating Effective Classroom Tests", 2 p.m., Mockingbird 1, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Portfolio Assessment of Student Competency: a Blueprint for Implementation", 2 p.m., Swan 9, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Basic Survival Skills for New Faculty: Putting It Together", 2 p.m., Swan 8, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Case-based Teaching: Creating Life-long Learners", 2 p.m., Swan 4, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Development and Delivery of Interactive Online Learning", 2 p.m., Swan 2, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "It's a Tough Job...Effective Participation in Institutional Disciplinary Panels", 2 p.m., Swan 1, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Curriculum Innovation and Development–From Education to Research", 1 p.m., Swan 10, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Team-based Learning in Dental Education Utilizing an Audience Response System", 1 p.m., Swan 9, Swan Hotel

  • [JOINT] "Tips and Tricks for Getting Started with Clinical Research", 1 p.m., Swan 8, Swan Hotel


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